Sanjana Anand

Drama Tragedy Crime


Sanjana Anand

Drama Tragedy Crime

The Survivor

The Survivor

6 mins

It was 3 o'clock on a sultry summer afternoon. It was time for 18 years old Tanvi to attend her tuition classes. She aspired to become a doctor and help humanity with the help of medical science. She dressed in a shirt and knee-length skirt and wore her red sandals. She set out of her home for her classes. It was hot outside as the summer was at its peak. There was nobody outside as the afternoons were particularly hot during the summer season. Tanvi walked alone on a desolate road. She had to pass through a narrow, desolate passage to reach her destination. As she entered the passage, she saw a man bent over a parked car by the end of the passage. She didn't take much notice of him and walked past.

  As she walked a couple of steps ahead of him, she was abruptly seized by her waist and lifted from the ground by a sturdy arm. Tanvi was dazzled on being ambushed and before she could understand anything, another manly arm placed a damp cloth over her face. Tanvi realised that she was in deep trouble now. And if she didn't do anything quickly, she was soon going to fall prey to some hideous crime. Tanvi swayed her foot vigorously and pierced her nails into those gigantic arms that had arrested her. But the man held her tightly to him and didn't allow to move even a little bit.

But Tanvi was a brave girl. She mustered all her strength and fought back with that powerful man. She screamed for help but there was nobody to help her in that abandoned passage. Moreover, her screams were instantly muffled by the cloth placed on her face. But Tanvi was not going surrender to the wicked man so easily. She kept struggling with all her might to set herself free from his grasp.

  Gradually, the drug placed on the cloth started taking a toll on Tanvi's senses and everything around her seemed to fade from her vision. Her hands and feet became numb and her struggles weakened. Her hands slipped down and the swaying of her feet stopped. She started losing consciousness and her svelte frame slipped into his arms. The delirious girl would have fallen down if his robust arms hadn't her tightly. 

"Breathe in," he said to her while still holding the cloth tightly to semi-conscious Tanvi's face, "and go to sleep, babe." 

Tanvi was on the verge of fainting. She was not in a state to struggle anymore. He laughed at the helpless girl and groped her luscious breasts. Almost oblivious Tanvi protested with faint moans as she felt repugnant towards the grotesque touch of his filthy hands on her pristine breasts. As he realized that the girl has passed out, he removed the cloth. He turned her towards her and pressed her tightly on to his chest. He ran a hand down the gracious curves of her adolescent body. He then slung her over his shoulder and laid her down in his car. 

"Leave me!" the semi -stupified girl moaned as she tried to open her eyes, "Let me go."

"No, babe," he said placing the cloth back on Tanvi's pretty face. "You're mine!"

Tanvi swayed her head but then the lights went off and she fainted. He took the cloth off and pressed his famished mouth on her juicy lips and sucked them in a long, hungry, fervent kiss. 

"You are so hot!" He whispered as he bent down on her and bit the ears of the unconscious girl. He tore off her shirt and felt the resilience of her youthful breasts and then roared a filthy laughter as he looked down at his beautiful, stupified prey. 

  Tanvi woke up with a severe headache. She had no idea where she was or how long she had remained unconscious. She opened her eyes and looked around. She realised that she was in a dingy apartment but everything around her was dark and blurred. She could still feel the strong odor of the drug that was forced upon her and had made her faint. Now she vaguely remembered being abducted while walking through the desolate passage, her desperate struggle with a mighty stranger, and then being drugged to sleep by him. 

 As the effect of drugs vaned out, she felt a deep pang of sharp teeth digging into her flesh somewhere. She moaned and swayed her head in protest. She half-opened her eyes and saw him sucking her nipples with a ferocious lust. His hands were rhythmically groping her breasts as his filthy mouth sucked on her virgin flesh. Tanvi was fully awake now. She realized that the man must have brought her here after making her faint. And had undressed her while she remained unconscious under the effect of drugs. Her hands and feet were also tied to the bed where she lay absolutely nude under him. Terror shook the hapless teenager and she let out a scream. 

"So you are awake!" he said as he let go of Tanvi's breasts. 

Tanvi was furious and wished to tear him to pieces for outraging her modesty. But she was helpless. The terrible feeling of lying naked under a lusty hound made her burst into tears. She began screaming and crying vigorously. 

"Well babe!" He said as he poured some stupifying drug on the cloth, "you must go to sleep again." 

As he came near, the desperate girl kicked him in his stomach. At this, he became aggravated and forcefully parted her thighs. He pushed his head in between her shapely thighs and licked her sensuous folds. Tanvi screamed as the touch of his filthy tongue on her intimate folds sent shock waves throughout her petite body. He raised his head and laughed mercilessly at Tanvi's plight. 

"Better go to sleep, babe." He said putting the damp cloth back on her face to make her faint.

Tanvi was completely drained by now, both out of shock and terror. She didn't resist much this time as drugs slowly made her oblivious. As unconsciousness took over her, he took the chance to pierce through her. Tanvi screamed at first but then she moaned as he rocked her back to sleep. 

  He raped her several times as drugs kept her asleep. He knocked her back to sleep whenever she woke up and feasted on her passed out body. Tanvi woke up 48 hours later and realized that she was on a hospital bed. The young girl was traumatized and torn by now. The haunting memories of being kidnapped and repeatedly raped for two days tormented her. But she was also a girl of immense courage. She taught herself that she wouldn't break down and ruin her own life for the sins of a beast who had so cruelly mangled her body to satisfy his lust. She picked her up and fought with those memories of a heinous rape. Her culprit was caught and punished. She resumed her studies again and fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor. 


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