Deveraux Portieer

Horror Action Fantasy


Deveraux Portieer

Horror Action Fantasy

Dawn of Omega

Dawn of Omega

5 mins

Tell me your story. There was a great bang. then everything started shaking violently when i awoke i was here.  

Tell me your story. my name is Bolt. I am from central Rodinia. I am the son of Dolza. ive always moved so fast that ive missed so much beauty around me. ive had a bad attitude ive always thought i was the best and could not be beaten until i met judo and we explored the entire Rodinia and higher realms. now i know i am merely a spec amongst specs in this vast conception of reality. it is truly an honor to be in your presence.

Tell me your story. my name is Judover. i was born in Yazoo city.  i am the son of what we call slaves.

 Explain said the talking glow.

well we of complexion work the grounds while those fairer handle the things they called business. some were beat , some were killed. until. work became normal. i was born working but i was kept around because i was special. 

what do you mean said the glow?

when i was alot smaller i would disappear so my ma used to tie our hair together 

i did not understand it initially. now i know. explain said the glow. i would fall asleep one place and wake up elsewhere. there were also times when i get sad that i close my eyes and i would appear where i was at my happiest . in time i started to notice what was happening and so me and my ma we had to talk. she told me i was to young to tell tales and told me to never speak of this amongst anyone else and she made me promise. i promised. one day in town i was helping a businessman build and organize his working area. he was a scholar. he had books and toys and more bizarre things. he taught me how to speak and read their language. thats when i started to understand more of what was happening to me. i learned we were from this land but the business men from the other land came over to organize and share knowledge and technology is what the books said. that was far far from truth. i found this book called "The Existence" it was in the process of being translated from my known language. when i saw it i knew what it meant and what to do. what did you learn asked the glow? i learned that we were seperated from our original clans. Our complexions ranged from red to purple. all of the clans had the ability to do miraculous things because of genes. ultimately i learned there were more like me. Ma confronted the business man one day and he hit her! i attacked him and he grabbed me, hit me, and then it happened again. I jumped to. my happy place but he still had my arm. i turned to face him but he was body was not there? just an bloody Arm! i shrieked! i went to the water to rinse myself off . the water was colder than usual. very soothing. i felt someone watching me. i looked left. looked right. i heard a woman she told me you are a very special boy. i asked what did she mean? she told me, you are my kind. i didn't understand initially. i knew then she was of importance in helping me discover what was happening to me. we were talking. and suddenly there was a bang! there was a fire . it was towards my house. i told her i had to go i asked her name she did not reply. when i turn around she was gone.she really had some dark eyes. i fled the water to my home. and thats when i saw the dragon Klan riding their horses around the house. the were shooting fire from their hands. the were clothed in fine siler. their faces were covered and heads were pointed. i screamed Ma!! they noticed me ! my body could not move. i was so afraid! then i saw Ma and they started fighting. she was vanishing and appearing. vanishing ,appearing. each time she killed a Dragon klan member she got faster and faster and faster. ive never witnessed anything like this. they impailed her! she screamed something uknown to my ears. then her wounds turned to smoke! it went through their bodies and they shook violently. they panicked and started chanting this beyond my recognition . their pointy heads started stretching and impailing the ground, trees, the fiery home. clang! clash! it was so lound. clang! clash! my ears started bleeding! i could not move. i could only watch. they impailed ma again! she screamed. ahhhhhh! she vanished! her body turned to smoke and she entered the home. she made the flames bigger and attacked them. before the explosion hit , she took me and vanished. BOOM! Then entire area was decimated. ma? what. just happened ma? its time to talk son. ma replied.

how did you find out about the slight portals asked the Glow?

we were traveling through the jet stream when the jade showed a different pattern in certain parts along the route. at first they were small eventually more appeared.

what is this jade? 

it is the jade of Maxwell. i acquired it on a journey to Maxwell's palace. a very strange place . that journey changed our life. 

who taught you about the jetstreams? that is of the higher realms. exclaimed the glow. 

in the mountains they're people who used it to transport things. we learned the technique and used wit and determination .then it happened. if you stay on track you could travel coast to coast. they call it wind. we feel it everyday but reaching it was the impossible part. so we've developed ramps. i jump there then i fly with the stream. 

vestis? said the glo. you are bothered? what is the matter?

nothing replied vestis ? tho i dont recall telling you my name!! the glo said, i know everything . and my kind knows that. show me your true form valic! said the glow. i don't understand said valic? his body was ripped to shreds! it was Valic!! valic! screamed judover. it was valic hiding inside of vestis. valic screamed, you imbecile ill destroy you. the glow lifted valic up and sent light through his body. it pieced him inside out. like 

the aloe plant. it pointed out his head like the dragon clan said Judover. Vestis said the glow. Yes said vestis who was just scattered in pieces.

Tell me your story.


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