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Purnima Das



Purnima Das


Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow

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A dark shadow is roaming around us,

With no discrimination between gender or social status.

It has no limit or boundary to reach,

Neither it can be controlled, get a fix.

The incarnation of death has captured the world,

As storm mercurial as we have never thought.

From its origin it moved and it moves fast,

Infecting, killing & practicing is its witchcraft.

The world is trying harder to unite for it to seize,

Ignorance of few has brought to the world to its knees.

That sinner must feel the heat,

From those, whose families are under six feet.

 The enemy knows no religion, it knows no creed,

Neither it has spared any caste nor it will spare us.

Let the heroes do their part,

Let ourselves give them a head start.

Can we all show some gratitude to our present soldiers,

Who risk their lives just to save us.

Hoping a genius to invent a cure soon,

Till then we can pray and stay tuned.

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