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Yash Thakur

Thriller Others Children


Yash Thakur

Thriller Others Children

Curse of Cites--(Ch-15)

Curse of Cites--(Ch-15)

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“Long time ago. There was one family with Cites as the name. The family was middle class but it always dreamed big. Their dream came true. A child named Arthur Cites was born.”

“Sounds like the name of grandpa.” Jason wondered.

“Exactly. He is the one only. Anyways, he was born with unique capabilities. He had a great hand in poetry. That took him to great success. He started with the first poem “THE LITTLE BRIDGE OF RIVER TIBER” and after that he got all the fame and glory. But there was one problem-”

“Wait. How do you know so much about Jason’s family?” Julius asked.

Madrin’s face darkened. His cold blue eyes turned red. The temperature dropped. Fear covered the three friends. They began feeling dizzy. For once, everything was so terrifying to respond. Then the lady at café entered.

“Sir. Are you fine?” she asked running towards Madrin.

“Oh…sorry. Meet Jenny. She is my wife.” Madrin introduced.

“Hello.” Jenny said.

“Why don’t you bring us coffee?” Madrin asked.

“Yeah sure.” She smiled and exited the room.

When she exited the room, he continued, “Your friend knows that.”

“What?” Julius and Malrus asked at the same time.

“The answer to question girl asked for.” Madrin said. Wait. When did Jason knew? Leave it. He thought.

“One thing. Why you kidnapped Julius and Malrus?” Jason asked.

“I? Are you lost? Why would I kidnap someone?” The owner of the coffee shop cried.

“You didn’t?”


“Leave it. We will find that out.” Julius said.

“Anyways, leave that. Let’s proceed towards the story. The problem was that after the entering of Arthur Cites in the poetry field, the work of other poets stopped. No one read poems of other poets. The other poets provoked Randolph, Arthur’s brother. They whispered in Randolph’s mind that after the death of the great poet, he will get all the wealth. That leaded to the killing of Randolph’s own brother. How he killed, no one knows. Where Randolph went, no one knows. But Arthur’s death issued a curse to Cites family. The poet knew that. So, in his last moment he spoke a prophecy that Jason spoke just now. The End.” Madrin ended.

“Wait, I have a question. Or a couple of questions.” Jason spoke.

“Dude, in a test, teacher only gives you hints. You only have to find the whole answer.” Madrin said.

“Yes, but-”

“Have a good day!” Madrin said waving his hand.


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