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Come On, Let's Fly!!

Come On, Let's Fly!!

2 mins

Starting a day with a flight is amazing for the person who likes to fly like me and then getting a window seat in the aircraft makes it more astounding.

When you have your next seats empty beside you; then it feels a bit relaxed about the weird ideas which keep prompting in your mind.

 But there is a group of ladies deciding about their next plan of parties.

A man next to the row keeps punching the keyboard so hard I feel bad for technology.

An air-hostess who is busy serving all passengers and guiding them further and also explaining about the common aircraft precautionary steps at the time of emergency which are being almost learned to everyone.

A pilot in the cockpit busy with formal activities and informing the passengers about the stuff related to the flight.

An aged- woman right in front of me busy weaving a sweater.

A woman who couldn't decide whether to keep the shutter of the window open or close.

A man who is snoring so loud that every other person around him gets irritated.

Then a couple with a kid takes their seats left empty beside me.

The kid who cries every time when there is turbulence right there beside me.

The man next to me loudly chewing peanuts and staring into my work is done.

This is how my flight is always but whenever someone would ask me," How was the flight?" I say It was amazing:))...!!(ahem)

The night before the flight is always full of excitement, fear, prayers and last-minute packing.

EXCITEMENT because it's again the day to start something which I like to.

FEAR because what if the plane crashes!!

PRAYERS because to experience less turbulence.

LAST-MINUTE PACKING because I am one of those people who trust themselves enough to know, no matter how many days before I start with packing.

I usually prefer morning flights especially to avoid traffics and secondly I get my whole with me after travel.

The journey right from the airport check-in, going through the security checking, getting the luggage from the conveyor belt and to the final seat booking is full of hustle and bustle and you don't get relief until its being locking the luggage with 12-digit security code and dumping it in the overhead luggage bin and till you get your seat.

And as much as everyone complains about bad food and rude stewards and annoying co-passengers, we still make do it, And we would do it again and again.

I wonder if we had the same life overhead in the sky as we have it on earth. 


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