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Khushboo Narang



Khushboo Narang


Choose Love

Choose Love

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Vrushika boarded her train at 6:30 pm. She was traveling to Mumbai from Delhi. She was excited for her new journey as she will be finally living the life of her dreams on her own. While the people around her were engaged in conversing with new people or constantly talking on the phone, she was busy reading a book on her subject. Vrushika had completed her B.Tech from Delhi and now was going to pursue her Master in Business administration from Mumbai. She was happier about the fact that she will be away from her home. Her home which reminded her of the difficult as well as the most beautiful part of her life was far away now. She will be in a new city and in a new house away from all the bitter memories. At the next station, a guy who was in his late 20's arrived and sat opposite Vrushika. Vrushika was too engrossed in her book to notice that someone had sat opposite her. After some time she felt that someone was gazing at her and she looked up. The guy was wearing a crisp white shirt. He smiled at Vrushika. Vrushika smiled a bit and started reading the book again. 

For some time, the silence continued but for an extrovert like Avyakt it was boring to stay silent for so long. He was a talkative person and loved conversing with new people. The reason that he chose to travel by train was that he could make some new friends. He believed that people traveling by air get easily offended or are too busy with their lives.

He tried to start a conversation with Vrushika. He said "Hello". 

Vrushika replied with the least interest. She didn't like conversing with new people. She was an introvert. Her past had made her a quiet person. She was a workaholic who never talked to people and never believed in love. She believed that love can only bring pain. She thought it would make her weak. So, she always focused on her career more than anything or anyone else. 

"Are you traveling to Mumbai ?" Avyakt asked. 

"Yes," Vrushika replied. 

"And are you from Delhi ?" the guy asked again. 

"Yes," Vrushika replied again this time a bit irritated. 

Avyakt realized that she was not interested in talking. He stayed silent for some time. 

Vrushika got a call. Her facial expression changed as she looked at her phone. She sighed before picking up the call. After picking up the call, she stayed silent and heard what the other person was saying. Avyakt figured out that she was on the verge of crying. She was trying very hard to stop her tears. After a long silence, she replied "It would have been much better if I was born an orphan than to have you as a father. " She cut the call. 

Avyakt wanted to ask but controlled himself as it was her personal issue. He pretended to be busy on his phone. 

Vrushika noticed that and was relieved that he didn't ask anything. She took her water bottle and took few sips from it. Avyakt started reading a romantic novel. Vrushika looked away and tried to concentrate on her own book. She could not concentrate on her studies as she was disturbed by the words of the person who had called her. Avyakt took out a box and started eating. He offered to Vrushika. This time she didn't deny it and took a bite. She was too bored and too tired. She decided not to study further and that she will continue once she reaches Mumbai. This time she initiated the conversation. 

"These romantic authors make love seems the most beautiful thing in the world but that's not the reality. Love can only cause pain and suffering. It is only sweet in the beginning. Also, life isn't a fairy tale as they describe. Life is harsh and one has to be practical in order to face its challenges." Vrushika said. This was unusual of her. She never shared her feelings with people. But this time as she was tired and irritated and knew that the person sitting in front of him is a complete stranger she found it easy to open up. 

Avyakt smiled and said "Romantic authors don't always say that life is a fairy tale. But being in love makes life seem like one. But then everyone experiences it differently. Some do have a very harsh experience and they stop believing in it. But then it doesn't mean that love is painful. Love can never cause pain only expectation can." 

Vrushika started laughing. She replied "This really sounds beautiful. But doesn't make any sense. Is it wrong to expect a bit of respect, trust, and honesty from the person you love? " There was a pain in her words. 

Avyakt replied, "In a relationship, it isn't but in love it is." 

Vrushika asked confusingly "What are you saying? Are you drunk ?" 

Avyakt laughed. He said, "You cannot choose with whom or when you fell in love but you can choose to whether be in a relationship with that person or not." 

Vrushika replied- " What nonsense. Of course, we can choose who we fell in love with. If someone doesn't want to be in love then nobody can make that person fall in love. Our minds and our heart are under our control. And what is the difference between being in love and being in a relationship ?" 

Avyakt replied- "No, you cannot control. No matter how hard you try there will always be one person in front of whom all your logic will stop working. Your rational mind will not be able to stop you. And to answer your other question. Tell me if you find someone drowning in water what will you do ?" 

Vrushika replied -" I will jump in the water to save that person as I know swimming even if I didn't know I would have asked someone else to help but I would definitely do something." 

Avyakt asked - "Why ?"

Vrushika said - "What why? Anyone with the slightest of humanity would do that." 

Avyakt said- "And that feeling of humanity is the basic principle of love. No matter if you know that person or not the voice inside you that tells you to help that person is love. Anyone who has love in his/her heart is a human being and anyone who doesn't have it doesn't deserve to be one. People who don't have any empathy or love in their hearts lead society to a dangerous pit hole. For example terrorists. The love inside their heart is killed and only hatred is left and that's what makes them behave like animals. Love is not just a feeling it is the basic principle of humanity." 

Vrushika was surprised. She never thought of love and life in this way. She stayed silent for few minutes.

She then spoke. "I was born into a middle-class family. We didn't earn much but we were happy. Small and happy family. But after few years my parents started quarreling on a daily basis. Dad had a problem with my mom that she was a working woman and mom hated the drinking habits of dad. After few years mom found out that my dad had an affair with another woman. They decided to get separated. It was a very tough time for me. My mom raised me with many difficulties. Even then my father sometimes used to come and trouble her for money. After some year her hard work and her prayers got answered. I got a good job. But because of his frequent visits, she got tired and asked me to complete my higher education from a different city so that we can leave that house and that city forever. I had decided at a very young age that I would focus on my career and make my life a happy one for my mom and I would never indulge in this thing called love." Vrushika completed with tears in her eyes.

Avyakt gave her water. He said- "My family was also a middle-class family. A happy one. But when I was thirteen my mother was diagnosed with a tumor. My dad who had an average salary tried everything to save her. He used all his savings. He visited every hospital which could provide her treatment. Even though he was broken he didn't let my mom feel miserable. He would behave normally in front of her. He would tell her stories every night. Even after trying hard, we could not save her. My dad was broken but he never let me feel alone. He became my father as well as my mother. He used to talk to her photographs daily and used to tell me his love story again and again. He raised me with so much of love. Sometimes the kind of person we chose to become depends a lot on how we have been raised. If we are raised in love we will believe in it and we aren't we won't. I felt pain too. But the love in my father's heart was much greater than his pain. Only love can cure the pain and not the decision of staying away from it. You have decided to stay away from love. You have still not recovered from pain even though you stayed away from love. Don't be harsh on yourself. Don't force your heart to behave in a certain way. Let it speak. Let it feel every emotion and let go of the ones that cause you pain. "

Vrushika was taken aback when he heard his story. She thought only those people who had lived a perfect life would believe in love. But there was this guy who had been through excruciating pain but still believes in it. She sighed.

Avyakt continued- "Your mother being in love with that man wasn't the reason for your pain. Your father never being in true love with your mother was the reason for your pain. And the decision that your mother has taken to stay away from him is the best one for you. That pain is no longer for you to carry. Let it go. Choose your life. Choose happiness and choose love." Avyakt concluded. 

Vrushika cried for at least half an hour. All the pain that she had hidden from the world in a deep corner of her heart was evaporating in the form of tears. After crying her heart out she wept her tears. Took few sips from her water bottle. She looked at Avyakt and said-"You should be a therapist" and smiled. 

Avyakt replied - "Well, that's what I am going to be. I am soon going to complete my masters and will be a professional therapist."

Vrushika smiled and said-"No wonder you speak so well."

They conversed about different topics throughout the night. And when they reached Mumbai. They shook hands and parted their ways not before they had exchanged their numbers. Vrushika finally felt that she won't be able to control her heart any longer. She messaged Avyakt as she reached her hostel. A new love story had started. 

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