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Rinku Kumari



Rinku Kumari


Childhood Prank

Childhood Prank

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I think I was in the 12th standard when my sister started reading novels.. especially teenage rom-com.

But I was still reading comics and simple Hindi once like champak and chandamama..sometimes twinkle...

One day I was reading chacha chawdhary and laughing on she just looked at me seriously and said: “huh kids..”

I felt bad...but said nothing... I saw that she was reading a novel “my ex-girlfriend”...

I thought it's a romantic I said “at least I am reading something sensible you are reading a love story...huh”

She said “oh please..this is a horror one...”

I said “please this is all fiction...”

She said, “what do you know..”

I asked, “so what is about this novel..what happened in this..”

She said “this guy jim..he fell in love with a girl kena..soon Kena start seeing figures and shadows..later she met this girl. Joe..when Kena said she made a new friend call guy confesses that his ex-girlfriend's name was joe..and she died in an accident 2 years back..when both went on a long drive and their car met with an accident..then he showed the pic of joe..”

I said “then...”

She said, “I reached till there only...”

Then she went back to her book... I thought ok..I'll read this book after she'll finish..

The next day I saw her reading a new I asked: “what happen..that novel is finished already..”

She said, “no it was so scary...the imagination and explanation are so real..”

I said, “so where is the book..give it to me..I'll read..”

She said, “I gave it back to was hers..”

I literally saw the fear in her eyes...then she saw twinkle latest edition in my hand so she said: “but what do you kids...”

I felt so bad... I started thinking a prank...that weekend I told my dad that I want to go to Sunday market..he agreed...luckily I got that the same book but it was new one..not the old one like my sister was reading...

Still, I bought that novel in 100rs..and came back home... I still needed to do something to make that book look I thought for a moment..and boiled 5 cups of tea..without milk or sugar...

I poured that black tea in a tub and dipped the book for some time..then took it out and placed it on the terrace..after 2 days the book if off shape now due to I took it in my room and my dad came and said: “This book is bad..what happen..”

I said, “fell in tub..”

Dad “how many times I told you never read in first cover this book in towel and iron it then place it below will be as it is..but pages are yellowed..what experimenting with tea....”

I realized I may get busted but my sis is a fool..means there are chances to win.

So I followed my dad's process and placed the book below the mattress... I use to look at the book daily..almost after 4 days when my mom was cleaning the room she decided to clean the she pulled it and the book fell with the hem of the bedsheet.

Mom took the book and shouted, “who put this book below bed..who's book is this..”

My sis heard her and came ..saw the book and her eyes turn big..” this was mine..but..”

Mom “but what??”

Sis “I returned it back to it returned back..”

Mom gave back the book to her and left the room..she was holding the I went near her and said: “maybe this book is cursed...the ghost of the girl is now behind you..”

The blood flushed from my sister's face...she turns to me..her hands are shaking..she said “now what..”

I said, “you need to finish the book... I heard that when this kind of book left unread the ghost follow the reader..”

I took the book from her hands..and open it..2 pages from behind were missing ( i took them out)... I said: “but I think your destiny wants you to suffer...the pages are the ghost will definitely follow you..”

She is all covered in sweat..she started crying..she said “mani... I don't wanna die...and why the ghost follows is Saru's book..”

I said, “but you told me you returned it..but the book is here..with you...without the end..maybe..maybe the ghost will follow the girls who have a boyfriend..”

Sister “Mani.. I Pronay is not my boyfriend..”

She was in tears..and dad entered the room..he saw the brown book in her hands..he said: “why she is crying..”

I realized the game is about to finish so I said “the girl in the book died..”

Dad “who cry for the characters of a book..”

I pointed finger towards my sobbing sister...and left the room...later I saw her talking to my dad with all tears and dad turn to me..and then I saw him telling something to my sis and then she took my bat and before she can charge towards me I left me... I left the house...

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