Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

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My Childhood Memories….not like today’s generation.

My Childhood was carefree and full of happiness, No TV, Internet or video games. In summer we used to play all sort of games; Kabaddi, hide and seek etc. This was the season of the marriages and time like heaven on earth for the kids. Each marriage fest used to last for ten days. No elders around, no rok-tok. I very well remember sneaking out sweets and dry-fruits from the cooking pandals. In monsoon season the common fun was rain dance. Other games were tops (lattoo), playing board games, making paper boats and those boat competitions in the streams. The winter was one my favourite month for the fun. Why? Because of NAVRATRI, DASHERA, DIWALI and MAKAR-SANKRANTI. We use to enjoy Diwali by cracking the bombs and firing the rockets. Post Diwali we start preparation for SANKRANTI.I loved flying Kites. Then we use to celebrate festivals like BAISAKHI and HOLI in spring season. And the school ends in April and the summer fun begins. The entire year was filled with fun and festive mood. No grudges.

Now, today it is all locked up in the box. The worst part is there is no key to open it again. Sadly, I see that the kids of this generation don’t have the fun which we had. They least play outdoors, and are mostly on the mobiles, computer or TV. This they call it the next-gen fun. Secondly, they are engrossed with studies and there is fierce completion for grades. During our time we used go to tuition classes only in high school, that also only for Science and Mathematics. But, now the kids go to tuition for all the courses. It is like double schooling.

Really wish I could take my children to our time to enjoy their life to fullest!!

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