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Archana Nayak



Archana Nayak


Chicken Soup- One y TBwo

Chicken Soup- One y TBwo

4 mins 298 4 mins 298

On that fateful day- He walked into Our house, holding her hand and I was so gullible to have thought that she was a victim to domestic violence by her husband and my better half offered her help.

I was thinking so great and proud of my husband until I found out that I had lost my love for another woman. Not only had I lost my love, but the true friend that I had seen in him since college. Not only had I lost that friendship, but my entire life that I had sacrificed so that he could work and I can stay back and take care of him and his home.

My entire world had just shattered like a piece of glass right in front of my eyes and I had so clue of it.

I am not angry with him or his mistress(you can feel the anger in my words though), I was infuriated with myself. I was never this stupid. Why didn’t I think in this angle? Why did I trust him more than what a man deserves? Why did I not keep a tap on his pings and calls? Why??

I went to the kitchen.

He followed me.

He might have thought I am going for the knife.

I made myself a cup of hot kadak chai What an irony! It was way too less hot than my life and the kadakpan was no way close to what I am going through now.

I sat in the dining area and sipped it slowly.

I didn’t offer him and neither did he expect.

He was staring at me. My eyes were glued to the cup. Motionless Emotionless

You know that feeling, when you are a little angry, you shout, you fight. When your anger is raised to the power infinity, your mind goes completely blank and you cannot utter a word.

He knelt down in front of me, made a vain attempt to hold my hands and said.

Honey. This is none of your faults. I am completely responsible for this. We were on a business trip to Singapore. We were discussing some office chores over a glass of drink and I don’t know what happened to us but thats how it happened. We tried to avoid each other for a couple of months after the incident and we were in no contact at all. Believe me, we had found out ways to make the department run without any direct contact until one day I got a call from her. She was crying. Her husband had almost tried to kill her on some family matters. First I thought, it’s none of my business but that cry for help. I could feel her helplessness and genuinity. She said she didn’t call anyone else because she wanted no harm to her husband. She had called me because there was no one else that she could trust.

I couldn’t gather the courage to say you all this, of what was I doing behind your back. I know I have cheated you. Don’t feel that I don’t get you. I completely understand what you are going through. Every day, I felt guilty but I couldn’t gather the guts to face you.

I knew, the moment I look into his eyes, my emotions would flow out of my eyes.

Maybe that’s what he expects out of me. To ask him for a reason, to shout, to quarrel, to fight back for my rights.

Honestly, I was totally spent. I didn’t want to spend anything more on him. Neither my time nor my energy, leave aside the reactions.

He sat there staring at me for long. May be hours.

He then walked towards the bedroom. Pulled his trolley. Started packing it.

It was dark by now. I had never felt so gloom and lonely in the dark. He walked towards the guest room. He closed the door behind him. After a couple of mins, that b**#ch and he came to the kitchen, where I was sitting like a motionless stone idol.

She tried to say something. I walked to the bathroom, closed the door shut. Filled the tub with water and lied down. I don’t know how long. I am even not sure whether I had fallen asleep or fainted. I just remember that I got up when I heard a car leaving the garage.

It was half-past ten. I flew the bathrobe around me and walked out of the bath.

I was very hungry and cold. I was shivering.

I took the phone. Called up the restaurant and ordered.

Can you send me a chicken soup.

He asked – as always.

‘Ma’am any special note to the chef- in terms of preference’

I replied

Yes. This time don’t make it one by two.

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