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Birthday At Zoo

Birthday At Zoo

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The cheeky smile of the sun was heartwarming as the clouds were celebrating a clear day, unlike the usual November weather. I was smiling without a care for the time as my mother combed down my black strands of hair. Suddenly the phone rang and a frown was forming on my face. My best friend was angry that I was delaying our day out together. I was not one for having a good memory especially of plans like these. I threw on clothes I could find and quickly made my way out.

Angry faces soon turned into faces of joy and pure craziness as one would expect when three silly idiots go out together after being away from each other for a long time. I had no idea where we were going. The taunts of ‘you’re only a day old’ never got old as we were going out for my post-birthday celebration.

The long-standing queues at our destination was no big surprise since it was quite normal for people to visit the zoo on Sunday. Yes, the epic 24th birthday celebration was happening at the zoo. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place.

The surprising part had worn off quickly as the zoo authorities were getting strict on the things they allowed inside. I caught a glimpse of the supposedly ‘surprise’ birthday cake and wrapped goodies of love.

It was still as exciting as ever. We were three grown-up toddlers zooming on our bikes around the zoo with the occasional milkshake breaks to fuel us. They finally found ‘the’ spot where the ‘surprise’ birthday celebration would take place.

As I unwrapped the goodies of love, I was in so much awe and such pure gratitude. The lengths those two souls have gone to make my day so much more amazing and wonderfully made my swelling with love for them. They had made my day and life so much more joyous, bearable and worth living.

This day was filled with so much warmth, love, gratitude, craziness, silliness and so much of fun and excitement. It was the most memorable day with my friends.

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