The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Fathi Far

Horror Crime Thriller


Fathi Far

Horror Crime Thriller



4 mins

Chief Dutta introduces a new officer,

He is Atharv, who is going to replace the place of Shivu. He is a great explorer, scrutinizer and in short Sherlock Holmes, welcome to our CBI team and these are your colleagues Chris, Ajay, and Nivi.

Thank you chief, for your appreciation and acceptance. Can I know, what happen to Shivu? Atharv asked.

Nivi just walk off from that place, Chris explains the story, Shivu and Nivi were childhood friends. Nivi always consider him as a good friend but Shivu has a soft corner on her. On his birthday he proposed Nivi but she refused him in decent manner and walk off. In front of us he acted us normal and we celebrate his birthday. After we fall asleep, suddenly heard the gun shot. When we move upstairs Shivu shot himself and there is a death note. He wrote, "I AM SORRY", NIVI. From that incident Nivi was disturbed. Well he may be in patience, Chris said.

In mean time, Ajay and chief makes her calm, Atharv ask sorry to her. Now they talk about new crime case then they move to the crime place. Police who were handled the case begins to narrate the scene. Victim name is Sam , who was 27 years old. Actually the body was lying down in the kitchen and he was stabbed. They collect all those details while enquiry about his death to his colleague they said recently he had a break up . So the team investigate in all the way.

Meanwhile, Atharv asks Nivi , Is there any clue? She said no and move to hall check thoroughly while Ajay and Chris come to the point it must be a suicide . Nivi interrupted them I think no, here I get one sim. Where is Atharv?

I am here, sorry one small work , by the way Nivi ur ring is beautiful which is in your fb dp.

Can we do our work, Nivi asked.

Yes ofcourse ... Atharv, through that sim they find out sam make last call to his brother but he was abscond. Now, this case move to different angle.

Soon they find out his brother, he confessed that he killed his own brother because of property. When tries to destroy his phone , its scattered and he missed the sim. Now the case was over.

Ajay congrats Nivi and asks how did u find out? She said "murderer definetly commits mistake" althought it is well planned. So I look at each nook.

Atharv mischieviously said you think like a murderer. She gives a scowl.Then they move to their places. It becomes 8pm , Atharv and Nivi still in their cabin remaining move to their home. Atharv use this time, went to Nivi's cabin. Nivi asks why do you came here? I need to know one thing.... Atharv said.

what? Nivi

you said "murderer definetly commits some mistakes, although it is planned"

yes .. Nivi

then how did you killed Shivu? without leaving any traces, Atharv asked.

Actually, It is suicide . I am not there at the time. Nivi explained.

Then what about this? Atharv asked by showing her ring. You killed ur friend, you killed the innocent.

Did u faced any betrayal from ur own best friend? Nivi asked.

Atharv gives a look of puzzelement.

I come out from the party, after an hour Shivu call me and ask me to come home.I feel sorry for him, he is my best friend. So I went there, the door was half open, no one is there in hall so I moved to upstairs. Shivu sitting alone there, I apologise to him and ask some time for his proposal.

With a smile, he asked do you want to see?

What Shivu??

He showed, my video was taken while bathing. I was shocked. I believed him a lot. I asked why did u do this to me?

He said if u accept my proposal you're safe , otherwise....

I punched his face and tried to snatch his phone , he overwhelmed me and try to misbhave .Without any option , I pulled out his gun from the pocket and shot him.

I took his phone and ran away from there, after an hour Ajay call me . I reach there. Ajay and chris were fully drunken . So I handle the case , delete the call logs, format every thing even suicidal notes are made by me, and case closed.. Nivi said.

I know its a mistake at the time I was scared, I am not able to believe that my own frnd betrayed me.

Now I am okay you can proceed, Nivi said.

A witty person definitely knows the difference between the victim and the murderer. Keep this ring safely. Atharv walks off.

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