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hammy alpha

Romance Fantasy Others


hammy alpha

Romance Fantasy Others

Betrayal Of A Mate

Betrayal Of A Mate

3 mins 146 3 mins 146

( italic means she talking to her wolf called moon)

Jessica pov

'Tell me again why I'm here instead of hunting ' I ask my wolf ' you are here to show everyone no one can challenge you or question your authority as a woman being an alpha '.

' I need my mate " my wolf sighs ' but I don't think we have one' I tell her ' no Jessi everyone has one 'but not me' my wolf blocks me, I guess she's angry with me.

"Alpha Alpha " my beta comes running . I become alert and open my mind link as everyone here was annoying the hell outta of me I had closed it. He mindlinks that our pack is being attacked.

I went to the king and excused myself and didn't reveal anything as he always looked down on our pack and me , so I won't tell what's happening or ask for help and embarrass myself.

I try to connect with my wolf by calling moon but she has blocked me. I mindlink my gamma to be ready near the gate and hop on my beta with my sword.

I ask my beta " how they got inside our clan? " he mind links me "Alpha they are much powerful than we have anticipated they can cover there scents ".

"I know who they are" I mind link all my people " Gather them near the church " I pat my beta and clutch him tight as he picks up the speed.

I hear some faint noise and before I know I'm on the ground. I stand up and take my sword out. Three wolves walk out from the trees they were hiding . All the three were ready to jump on me but with lightening speed I kill all the three or so I thought.

I try to mind link my beta, finally he answers " alpha... I'm fine dont worry you carry on " my wolf finally opened the link.

"what happened who are those people " she ask "well finally someone showed up " she huffs and I turn into my wolf form "she mind link me "lets get them I know you already have a plan "

I mind link my gamma " is everything ready Josh "I ask him and he sends a yes signal.

I see ton of wolves gathered near the gate, i cover my scent and get inside the church. I see my beta who is injured but slowly healing and gamma ready with what I asked. A gallon of holy water.

I turn myself into human form, but don't worry I have my clothes on. Power of being half breed.

My Gamma hands me the sacred knife I cut my wrist and let the blood flow into the water. My beta and gamma take them to the roof ,by the time I reach the top my wrist heals.

I follow them and see they have poured the water on all the wolves. now who are howling in pain because of the burning sensation since they were created by witches .

And slowly all the wolves disappear.

Except one.

I jump from the roof and land in front of him. I'm unable to sense his scent so I take my knife and cut his wrist and when the smell hits us.,me and my wolf howl and faint.


Chapter 1 

Jessica pov

Ouch my head is aching, when I try to open my eyes. "hey moon you okay? "she replies a small yes "what happened" I ask her and wait for her reply. " I think ,the wolf might be our mate and the reason you fainted was because he's a pure breed and that blood is dangerous to us " I don't get it " if he is our mate why the hell the blood will be dangerous to us and moon goddess doesn't make mistakes "

The answer which we are seeking only will be revealed when we see him. Finally when I open my eyes and see I'm in the hospital and beside me is my beta who always took care of me as my elder bother.

He becomes alert when I try to get up and helps me to sit property and passes water to drink . I can see worry written all over his face.

"I'm fine Brandon" he doesn't look convincied. I sigh " I'm fine just confused " now he looks confused " That wolf who's wrist I cut was my mate " he looks happy and mind links some buddy after a moment his mate sassy comes running inside jumping up and down with joy and hugs me.

"But why you fainted, even doctors are confused looking for the cause of it and found none" my beta asks " it's cause the blood in his body is venomous to us " they both look shocked and sassy whispers "But he is your mate ".

I shrug "Look we used to think I don't have mate and now he is here I think I should he happy? " even I'm confused what I'm talking about.

" Come let's go meet our mate" I tell and try to stand up, as my leg was going to give out sassy puts her arm around me.

"Alpha... I don't think you should see him now " my wolf growls when he tried to stop her from seeing his mate and he looks unfazed cuz he is used to it.

" The thing is.. He is blind " he finishes.

I don't listen to him and go to the basement where we lock them up until we know they are harmless.

He senses some one is approaching him and lifts his head.

"Don't you think you should be scared now " he smirks.

"why will I be scared of you " I question him.

"Because I know my blood is venomous to you and if you are wondering how I know that, you need to shut all your guards mouth they gossip like a girls" I need to teach them a lesson.

" I'm your mate " I tell him without any emotions and suddenly he starts laughing hysterically " my mate died years ago " .my wolf whimpers.

"Then prove me that you are worthy enough to be my mate, I lost this eye cause of her and now you will get it back for me " he says.

"Nah I'm not interested in you I was just informing  that I'm gonna reject you as my mate. "

He looks offended "So you don't care about me? Fine If you don't do as I say I might kill your father ".

Now it's my turn to laugh "Sweetie why you think no one questioned you who sent you here? Or the reason you attacked us? cause we know already "

'cause my father was the one sent you all here " after telling I slit his throat and again when the smell hits we faint twice that day.


Chapter 2

Jessica pov

When I open my eyes, I see two people hovering me with an angry look. Yet Brandon helps me to sit comfortably and sassy is still glaring.

"look Jessica this is not the way you treat your only mate by killing them"she scolds.

I scoff "You don't know what he was telling me " I complain like a child to her.

"but that doesn't mean you go and kill your mate " she scoffs.

"Guys he is not my mate " both of them looks shocked and shout " What???? ".

"Come on guys won't I be howling in pain and sorrow if I had killed my mate" I tell. That's when realization hits them.

"So who wants to have ice cream " I ask them and Brandon pats my head and we off to ice cream parlor .

Next day

I was in my office doing all the paper work which was pending. I thought Brandon would take pity on me and do my work but no? Sassy and him went on a date saying and I quote " You had me so worried ,so I'm not gonna help you with the paper work do it on your own ".

While I was on my thoughts my gamma comes in rushing "Alpha there is a wolf waiting outside saying that it's your his mate ".

Wait a minute that's when realization hits me.I haven't seen moon also after that killing incident.

"Hey moon you okay I try to Mindlink"but she has blocked me. I think she's upset that I killed our fake mate. I'll just give her time.

"okay let him inside I'll be there in a minute " I tell my gamma and go to freshen up.

While when I got down at the bottom of the stair I can tell he was my mate even without my wolf.

I go past him to sit on my throne. He watches every moment of mine like a hawk.

"So how did you find me? " I ask him.

"I was searching my mate all over the place and this was the last on my list ".
He replies.

"why do you need a mate when you can take down an entire pack all alone ". I admit to him even though it was bitter to do so.

" I'm the alpha of starlight pack "he introduces and that's the second highest pack among us and ours don't even make it to the list. I sigh.

"The thing is from few days my wolf hasn't responded to me. I'm worried about him. " wait even moon is not responding to me.

"if that keeps on continuing I think I'll lose my wolf forever, so I thought when I find my mate then at least he would be happy?? " he wonders.

" you see even my wolf is not responding either other wise she would have claimed you in a blink of an eye" I tell him.

"I don't care about your wolf I just need my wolf he is very sensitive and I feel you must be the cause that our wolves are not responding " he became angry suddenly.

"Dude why you think I'm the cause for  your wolf not responding to you " now it's my turn to shout. Next to me Mark, my gamma keeps his hand on my shoulder to calm me.

That's when my so called mate growls "Take your filthy hand from my mates shoulder " but mark doesn't budge and mates eyes keeps on getting darker so I pat marks hand and he takes his hand from my shoulder.

"Cause the last words of his was 'mate mate ' I was not paying attention that time as I was in middle of something. I think we need to mate that's the only solution we have ". He completes.

I show my palm to shut him and say "Hold on a minute, I don't even know your name as you were too proud to mention only your pack rather than your name ".

"and that happens one time when you don't pay attention to your wolf is when you are fking someone else,so I assume he was against it " I tell smoothly with venom in my voice.

"I don't care if I need to take you against your wish,to get my wolf back " Josh was ready to pounce on him.

"and last is your wolf blind? " I ask him and he becomes shocked.

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          -to be continued 

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