Anushka Kurup

Tragedy Crime


Anushka Kurup

Tragedy Crime

Be A Secret...

Be A Secret...

8 mins

Hi, my name is Lorraine, I've just started working as I completed my studies just before a few months, and actually, I enjoy working because I know that I always am working towards my goal. Well, I am not really close to my colleagues but whenever I need them they are always there for me and one among them is Jester who is really cool and also is the only person whom I am really close to. He was also the first person to approach me and ask if I would like to get into a sweet little relationship - friendship. Well, yep I did say ' yes' that day though I knew that it was a little crazy for a person to say so immediately to that person whom you have literally just met. But according to me what harm could a ' little friendship ' ever do to anybody.......

Or at least this was what I thought....... because as days and months passed our friendship kept becoming thicker and thicker and soon a year had passed away from the time I had first met Jester. Well one day when I expected the day to be usual and not special at all, the day turned out to be damn crazy !!!!!! Everything at the office went really usual. When the work at the office was done, I sat into Jester's car as he is the one who always drops me home but I later noticed that the particular day Jester had chosen another route but I thought that it wouldn't really be a good choice to question him about that and so I kept quiet.

Well soon the car stopped in a quiet place and that was when jester asked me to get out of the car, I hesitated for a moment but when he asked me for the second time, I got out of the car and while I was busy thinking what I should do next? I heard loud music and then I heard Jester shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURRAINE ".Oh my god !!!! I cannot express what I felt at that moment !! He remembers my birthday and then I also felt for what I had been thinking for so long and what it turned out to be .... then Jester came to me and said " What did you think, I won't remember your birthday??? Well, you might forget about it but never me..... Now, what are you thinking about, let's rush in we've not got the whole night and soon the sky will also darken, and as soon as it does you will tell that you want to get home, etc, so, Come on rush ". He held me by my hand and then took me inside that beautiful restaurant where there was nobody else except for us and the musicians.

Truly we enjoyed a lot that day and then at last when I decided that it was time to leave, Jester asked the musicians to leave first and also thanked them to make this day so special for us . After the musicians had left Jester got onto his knees and this is exactly what he said," Lorraine, I have been looking up to this day for I couldn't find a better way to ask you if you did like to marry me???? ". I stood there stunned cause I had never expected something like this to happen today. Jester receiving no reply asked again with a look of nervousness on his face " Lorraine, will you marry me ?????? ". I didn't know what to tell to make my reply more special and so I just said, " Yes, I will for I always wanted to do so .... ". Jester was so happy to hear what I had said and the next moment he grabbed my hand to fit that beautiful ring into my finger.

After some time we left but none of us spoke until we had reached the car. In the car, our conversation was more about how much time we had been feeling so, and whether what we did was right or wrong ????? Conversing like this we never noticed the time pass and soon the car stopped near my mansion's gate, we looked into the eyes of each other for some time and then I said as I got out of the car " Bye, miss you ". Jester said, " yeah, though I dont feel that its time to say ' bye ' but it just because I see that I've got 11 missed calls and 34 messages from my brother, and before there is one more I got to leave ". I smiled at him and said " Thankyou Jessie " and he replied to say " Not accepted ". He waited until I got into my house and then he drove away to his home with a sweet smile on his face.

To mention his family, his family consists of his loving mother and father just like how usually parents are, and an older brother, extra loving, extra caring brother, who is more like a best friend than a brother ...... A sweet little family right. But now if you want to know about my family, my family consists of ' me, myself and I'. That is my sweet little family......

Well, the next few days went quite normal we spent our time talking on the cell almost for the whole time when we were not together and I always advised him not sit on the balcony's grills and talk but he wouldn't listen and told that he liked to do so . one day, a Sunday, I was talking to him on the cell as usual, and then he suddenly screamed and his cell phone went off . I started getting ready to get to his place but when I was doing so I got a call from his brother's number and I picked it up to hear that Jester fell down the balcony that was on the seventeenth floor and died on the spot.

I immediately reached the hospital that Jester was taken to but by the time I reached there they had left so I went to his home just to see his family shattered into pieces and then when I saw Jessie's body lying on the floor I couldn't control my feelings anymore and started crying, I started screaming that Jester was not dead and everybody there was lying. I also yelled at every person who went near Jessie's body and told me that he had promised never to leave me and that he will come back. At last, when Jessie's coffin was lifted so that it could be taken to the graveyard, women held me behind for I was becoming violent. It took months for me to accept the fact that Jessie was gone and will never come back. But I still had live with that bitter truth in my life. Almost after a year, I had started to live a normal life and it seemed like I was ready to accept a new life forgetting about the past and so life was back to normal ever after.........

This was what at least the world had seen but for me it was me achieving my goal, it was a dream come true for me. I know it was for two long years that I had to work to achieve my goal but at least my studies, my research of a whole year has done the work for me ...... Well, I am sure that you are confused so let me start from the start.......

Well, my goal was to kill Jester and my studies were research about him. Now, if your question is why and how did I do so then you are lucky for I am going to answer your questions right now... Well, this was not my goal from right before just as it is said: " Nothing happens without a reason". All this happened just because of Allen, Jester's brother, it was all his mistake. It was not from before that my family consisted of me only, I had an elder sister. We were orphan so the parents were never in the scene. My sister fell in love with Allen. They were together for almost three years and finally when my sister conceived, they decided to marry.

Allen after two days of this decision came up to my sister and told her that he din wanna marry her and was no more interested in her. He left her in tears and never bothered to even look at her once more. She was completely shattered, she could not bear that pain anymore and decided that she didn't want to too. She killed herself, she jumped off a cliff and died. That is when I decided that I wanted a revenge.

I succeeded in making Jester fall in love with me and then I pretended that even I was in love with him. When Jester proposed to me , I understood that my plan was working. At that point of time, there was some renovation work going on in Jester's house, I knew that this was the right time. I asked my best friend who was working to get this renovation done to weaken the grills of Jester's balcony. When I called him the next day, as he always does, he sat on the grills, and within a few minutes, the grills broke leading to Jester falling down and then his death.

It was because of Allen that my sister committed suicide, but I call it a half murder. I wanted Allen to suffer just the way I did. He lost his brother like I lost my sister. He saw his brother covered with blood just the way I saw my sister. My sisters was half murder and his brother was murdered too, and in none of the cases was the truth known.

I had to kill my best friend because he was the only one who could reveal the secret and now all of you know, so LET IT BE A SECRET BETWEEN YOU AND ME, otherwise ......



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