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tega friday

Horror Crime Thriller


tega friday

Horror Crime Thriller

At Death's Door

At Death's Door

3 mins 28 3 mins 28

Chapter One 

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from a different side,

By: Lao Tzu

Precisely on Tuesday the 1st of March. I had a prank call "You've made it far but pray you to see your 18 birthday" obviously a threat though I didn't take it seriously as I dropped the phone aside and turned on the radio "Death's the discontinue or should I say cessation of all the functionality that sustain a living organism" the discussion was making me a bit uncomfortable so I head to another channel but all seem to be preaching about death [the Azreal] so I turned it off.

4th of March. Here I am in the kitchen cooking pasta when my friend Julie calls we spent hours on the phone talking "So what are you cooking?" She asked "Macaroni and cheese, the white would say but here is macaroni and stew or sauce"

"Cheese doesn't go with macaroni it's totally disgusting"

"I haven't tasted it but it sure does," I said in agreement" Ok have got to go goodnight" So I ended the call and went to charge my phone.

While slicing the onion "You're phone's ringing, come pick it up" My little bro Dean constant yells made me cut myself forcing me to leave what am doing "Phone?" I stretched forth my hand cause he was holding it "Nobody's calling, it's just one of his prank" Mk who is also my brother, the second born said not really concerned with what's going on "You're so dead" I whispered out loud, I can't believe I just injured myself for nothing and he isn't even sorry. I was about to bounce on him not really wanting to beat him but scold him when the sudden blast from the kitchen stopped me we all ran to check it out, well they were behind me since I was the eldest. The kitchen cabinet which been hanging firmly for years was laying down on the floor the glass and all the breakable plates Dad brought home from his travels around the world we're all shattered "Fxxx ! Dinner's ruined" Mk cried out and now my phone was actually ringing "O.T?" Asked the unknown caller "Yeah," My voice a bit shaky as my eyes we're still focused on the shattered items "Dead or alive?"


"Lucky you then"

"Ok. enough with this, who the hell are you and what the fuck do you want?" I was getting pissed off with this.

"Death! Azreal and I want your life."He hangs up with that.

Hello guys! Am sorry if you've read this, have got some problems with my account.

Also like I said earlier it's my first time writing a horror novel so please let me know what you think, am curious about it and apologizes also for any sort of grammatical errors English isn't my mother's language but I'll do my best.

Ok! Enough with my nervous blabbing,

Huh! Shall we continue...

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