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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Sanjana Shankar

Action Fantasy Thriller


Sanjana Shankar

Action Fantasy Thriller

Asura: The Demon On Earth

Asura: The Demon On Earth

7 mins 248 7 mins 248

It was the 24th of December, Rhea was packing her things to leave for her mini-vacation whose real motive was to learn about the heritage and stuff. Her bags were packed and she was all set to leave. She took a last check, "Meet you after 15 days at home," she said to herself as she locked her door and left for the railway station.

She reached Mumbai's most famous Terminal and one of the busiest in India- Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or famously called as the CST. Rhea being used to the typical crowd made her way to the waiting room. Suddenly there was a loud noise heard 'BANG!'. The passengers were startled, moms protected the children by covering their ears and keeping them close to them. Then there was an announcement made, "ALL PASSENGERS ARE REQUESTED TO STAY WHERE EVER THEY ARE RIGHT NOW. T-THERE H-H-HAS B-B-B-BEEN AN AT-T-TACK" and the static failed.

The passengers in the waiting room were shocked, horrified and scared of what will be happening next. Rhea was scared too, She feared for her life. "Calm down... Rhea..." She said to herself as she closed her eyes. She started whispering some mantras which her Guruji taught her. 

She then opened her eyes and realised that she was teleported to a forest. She took a deep breath and stepped ahead. Her steps became uneven as she went ahead for the ground was wet, there was no sign of sunlight neither any settlements. Rhea thought not twice but thrice before she kept her foot ahead. When she was about to go ahead a bright spark struck across her eye, bright enough to blind a human. There stood a lady with long and dense black hair, wearing a dress covered with weeds and creepers. Her face was perfect as if it were sculpted by the artisans of heaven. Some part of Rhea's mind told her to step forward while some part told her to remain back. She couldn't decide what to do, just then the lady spoke: "I was waiting for you". Rhea was startled, and spoke, "Me?" The lady nodded. Rhea was puzzled, "I am Aranya, The Goddess of this Forest," the lady said as she introduced herself. As she introduced, Rhea remembered her guruji's words: "Aranya Devi is the Goddess of The Forests, She was the one who nurtured the seeds of Kartik in her forest... She is really important as she gives important resources to humans... She is also known as Aura".

Rhea understood and bowed towards her as she gave her respects, The lady went near and made her come back, "An Asura should not bow towards others," she said while grinning. Rhea scratched the back of her neck as she forgot her Guruji's teaching: An Asura never bows towards others.

"Child, you are now in a very difficult situation... It decides your future," Aranya Devi spoke. "How did you know about this, Mataji?" Rhea asked her. "Child, the despair in your face shows it... Also, I am a celestial being... I know about everything that happens in these three worlds," Aranya Devi said. Rhea nodded as she was understanding everything. They were walking together on the forest path, Rhea wanted to break the silence but she did not know how to do that.

"Child, Do you know who you are?" Aranya Devi asked her. Rhea was silent for a while but then she said, "I am a normal girl... My personality shouts being an INTROVERT but..." "But what?" Devi asked her. "Guruji says that I am an ASURA."

"What made your Guruji think like that?" Aranya Devi questioned her.

"Guruji said that my horoscope matches with the heir to the throne of Patala... and that Aura is my home," Rhea said.

"Do you feel the same?" Aranya Devi asked her.

"Sometimes yes... Sometimes no," she said. 

Aranya Devi giggled, "Alright, let me take you to a safe place," she said and took Rhea to someplace else.

"Here we are..." she said, They stood in front of a statue depicting a sword with missing gems. Rhea looked around with curiosity in her eyes, "Mataji, where are we?" She asked. "This is Aura," Aranya Devi said. Rhea's eyes brightened as she heard the name, "this is A-Aura??" she asked again. The Goddess nodded.

She looked at the sword with great amazement, she could not believe it. Her eyes then fell on a scroll.

"Child, pick it up," Aranya Devi said. Rhea picked up the scroll and started reading it.

"I am an Asura," she said and tears fell down her eyes.

"Child, What happened?" Aranya Devi said as she consoled her.

"I am a bad person, I-I am an Asura... I belong to the Patala Lok... I dont want to be evil," Rhea said.

"Child, no one is right or wrong... Sometimes even Suras commit mistakes, You are not here repenting for your sins, In fact, God has given you the opportunity to punish the ones who committed it... Being Asura is not an evil thing... Not all people fear only the ones who did wrong fear for it," Aranya Devi said. "Child, This throne has been empty for more than a century... God has been waiting for the right person to come... And he found it in you..." Aranya Devi said. Rhea felt a bit positive after this. She came back to her senses.

"Fill in the missing gem on the sword from the vault," Aranya Devi said. Rhea wiped her tears and opened the vault, a bright shining gem was in her palm as she fitted it in the sword making her mark as the heir.

"Mataji, what about the other gems?" She asked her. Aranyadevi smiled, "Patience is the key to them," she said.

"Child, the ones who are attacking your region are the adversaries" Aranya Devi. "You have to fight against them," she said.

"Mataji, I am just a mere girl who is currently studying... How will I fight against them?" she asked.

"Rhea, You have the power to destroy as well as to create... You have the blood of the demon but you have been taught the Sura pattern of living... Time has come where you apply them both to succeed in this," Aranya Devi said as she disappeared.

Rhea came back to her senses in Mumbai. "Create and Destroy? What should I do..." she thought. Just then a loud, gunshot was heard, and people started evacuating from the room to save their lives. Rhea also ran with them and found a safe spot to hide. "Destroy this Rhea," she said to herself and grabbed a gun from a dead policeman's pocket.

She shot thousands of the enemy people and was now face to face with the head. The head slapped her face so hard that blood ran down from her lips, "You filthy creature," Rhea said and punched his face. She locked him and was continuously punching him removing her anger. Her eyes fell on a badge on his shirt, "ISI!!! This was a terrorist attack!" Rhea realized about the situation.

A man from the back kicked Rhea from his boss. Rhea fell down on the concrete as the blood kept flowing from her wounds. "You don't know who you are playing this game with," Rhea said. She then experienced a shooting pain in her body. Her eyes turned blood red, Her veins popped out and a pair of black wings emerged on her shoulder blades. She now took the form of, "PRABHAWATI" the Queen of the Patala.

"Never did I question the lord for creating such beings! He did it, And NOW I WILL PUNISH IT! I AM AN ASURA BUT MY HEART IS BETTER THAN YOURS, PEOPLE LIKE YOU POSED US BAD AND MADE THE OTHERS FEAR US! I WILL NOT SPARE YOU TODAY!" she shouted. The men were afraid of her and started running for their lives. Rhea caught them and killed them by slicing their neck with the SWORD OF AURA and restored the peace back to the world.

As she returned back to her normal self she fainted as much of her energy was used in this.

'RANI HAS COME,' Aranya Devi said as she smiled seeing Rhea in her celestial form. She was no longer a human, she was an ASURA the Demon on the Earth.

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