Sanjana Shankar

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Sanjana Shankar

Drama Fantasy Thriller

Two Worlds Apart

Two Worlds Apart

7 mins

After a good night's workout, Jack headed to bed. He put his phone on the nightstand and lay on his bed. “Yo Bro! The guys are having an all nighter.. Sure you don’t wanna join?” his roommate Omar asked him. “Nah, I have to head tomorrow to the office.. the case is not yet over” Jack said. “Bro.. Your work’s mess! Cmon! Have some tonight.. Drake’s got some boozers too” Omar persuaded him. “Nah.. Not tonight” he said. “Fine, but once the case’s done.. We're gonna have some guys night!” he said and closed the door.

Jack smiled knowing this.. Its been a while since he had drinks with the guys and did an all nighter with movies and snacks. He missed all of this. He refrained from it because they belong to the mortal realm… Jack is an Alpha.. He cannot be with the mortals for so long that’s why he stayed away from them.. Which they did not know about.

He took a deep breath and shut his eyelids only to feel the night’s peace within him.

He woke up in a room, his eyes were shocked.. “When did I land up here?” he told himself. “Finally, you are awake..” he heard a feminine voice. Jack startled and said, “W-W-Who are Y-You?” “Being an Alpha you are afraid of this?” the voice spoke again. Jack was trembling with fear but sensed danger. The shine of a sword sparkled in the clear night sky heading towards Jack’s uncovered chest. He passed the attack and removed a sword near him.

The noises of face off was loud to be heard, Jack was an excellent fencer. “You are good but not for me” the voice spoke again and pounced on Jack when he twisted the hand and removed the guard from the head.

Huffs and puffs were heard from both bodies, the counter then faced Jack who was in surprise. Jack could not believe that he was fighting with a lady, he immediately put down his sword. She was beautiful, a beauty which was hidden for more than thousand years.

She had those deep black eyes which can hypnotize any person, Her red lips from which the sweet voice of her came. Her slim figure complimented by her hazelnut brown skin draped in a white gown which sparkled under the moonlight. Jack’s eyes shifted to the long hair of her which was adorned by intricately designed silver ornaments. Jack thought of her being a demi god as a human cannot convey this beauty. He was mesmerized by her honey dew voice. Those arched brows pierced his heart right through the center. It would be difficult for someone to distinguish a painting and her body, she had no flaws. Out of the blue Jack asked her, “Are you an Omega?” The lady laughed with that sweetness which is more sweeter than anything else, “I am an alpha” she said. Jack was more shocked, an Alpha being this beautiful is impossible. Alphas were warriors with the strong built, yet her delicate figure had the strength of the men who fought for the pack. Her face could cure even the deadliest disease, yet she was an Alpha. Jack was impressed with her. Her stance, her moves, her built, everything was perfect. Within seconds he knew that he had fallen in love with her.

He heard voices, “Jack! Jack! Wake up!” and came back to his studio apartment. He rubbed his eyes to make him come back to reality, His room mate brought his cup of hot water, “Is it that girl again?” he asked. “It’s the 5th time in a row dude!” he said as he sipped some of his hot water. “Man, I am telling you she is your soulmate” Omar said. “Whatever” Jack said and shrugged it off. He never really believed in soulmates, He freshened up and grabbed his coffee to go.

“Omar, I’ll be late tonight.. I am having some work on the case” Jack said as he headed for the office, “kay! Bro.. Stay safe” Omar shouted from the kitchen and Jack left his home.

The New York Central station, The most busiest station in this planet. It was also Jack’s favorite route of going to his CBI office, but today it was something different. People were running here and there, it was a total mess ever before. Jack was surprised until he heard a loud noise BAAM!! He got a scent which was unusual, “Black Bandits” he mumbled under his breath. He knew the people behind this devastation. Gun shots were loud enough to ring the people’s ears. No one ever imagined this to occur in their life.

Jack stood for moment and dialed his phone, “New York Central Station: Black bandits” he said.

Black Bandits were the most dangerous gang in the whole world, They had killed thousands of people, plundered more than half of the countries and had a huge drain of Black money.

They were in the top of every WANTED list in the world and the CBI were trying to catch them. Jack removed the gun from his pocket and walked to the site.

As he was walking he was greeted by the dead bodies of the citizens on a ground of ash. A boy was weeping for his dead grandmother on one side and a wife crying for her husband on the other. Jack went near the boy, who fell unconscious in his arms. Jack touched his naval which poured blood, clearly, he was shot mercilessly to death. Jack could not contain his anger.

He went to a broken stall and hid there. Being an excellent sniper, he shot many bandits dead. Soon, his team of CBI agents arrived at the spot.

Many were killed on the spot and many were injured while shooting the bandits dead. Jack and his assistant Jacob were still in their hideout. “Sir, I found the place where they are hiding,” he said. “Okay, let's go,” Jack said as they ran to the place.

They hid behind the Kiosk desk when Jack saw something, “Hazelnut skin” “Black eyes” “Red lips” “Slim figure” Jack kept on saying the features of the lady when he came to a conclusion, “She is the Alpha of my dreams” He was taken aback, she worked in a Gang. A gang which was wanted by all investigation departments in world! She was a Black Bandit! His eyes were shocked and lips gaped with amazement.

“Sir we can strike now, the Bandits are less here,” Jacob said. Jack nodded and together they started attacking the rest of the men.

Jack killed more than his co-workers and was now face to face with the woman.

She had bloodshot eyes unlike the tamed black ones. Her lips had numerous cuts unlike the soft ones.

Her skin was dusty and blood flowed from the huge cuts caused when she was fighting unlike the soft skin which was draped in the White gown.

Jack could not believe this, The demi god of his dreams had turned into a nightmare of his reality. He gazed at her for a while when she played her first move, She was about attack Jack with the Iron rod when he passed it. “You!” she shouted and played her next attack again dodged by Jack. Deep inside he wanted to hug her and console her but he could not believe his reality. He took another steel rod and shielded himself from the attack.

They fought more than each other’s capacities. She was angry and she shouted before attacking Jack when he twisted her and brought her near to him, “Jane… Calm down” he said. She got angrier than ever before, “I am not Jane!” she shouted and kicked him making him weak. She grabbed the gun lying down on the floor and aimed it at Jack, “Jane…” the only words left his mouth. “Listen here.. I am not Jane…” her sinful voice spoke. Jack smiled and said, “Till how long will you hide from me… I am your destined Alpha” he said. She glared at him and was shocked, “You fool!” she shouted and pressed the gun. The bullet flew across the sky and pierced Jack’s heart right through the center. He fell down and breathed his last after having trouble in breathing. She saw all of this and a tear escaped her eye, she did not know the reason. Perhaps, they were really destined to be?

One cannot predict things, They lived in Two Worlds which were apart from each other.

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