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Her one letter shattered his whole world.

It was from her best friend Veronica. He almost lost consciousness, after reading it.

 Varun only met Meera 4 months ago. When he first saw her, he was lost in her elegance. Since then, he determined to become a part of her life. With the help of his good looks and communication skills, it didn't take time to achieve that. Shortly, Varun proposed Meera. She was elated at this. She didn't waste any time to accept that. Meera always had a secret crush on him. She had even played flames with her friends, every time it was his name which she used. Varun was a day scholar and Meera was a hosteler. Veronica was her best friend. Soon, Varun and Veronica started sharing a bond too. She didn't feel left out or the third wheel in between them. 

Meera complains to him about the pain in the breast, he asked her to visit a doctor. She did and the doctor asked her for some tests. Meanwhile, Varun's exams were going on. So Meera just texted him that she was fine. She herself distanced from him so that he could focus on his exams. After his exams got over, he went to his maternal house. The reason was his grandfather was not well. It all happened unexpectedly, that he couldn't even inform her. After two days, Meera decided to call him, when she got the news. He told her that he was really busy at that time and he couldn't inform her. He asked for a sorry. Meera easily forgave him. They talked for a few days. His grandfather was admitted to the hospital. Everyone was worried about his health. At that time, Varun didn't attend any of her calls. She felt ignored but she didn't say a single word about that. Soon, her reports came.

He rejoined his college about a month later. His grandfather had passed away. He lost his enjoyment, pleasure, everything. He was changed a lot. Veronica was shocked to see that side of him. He asked her about Meera. She told him that she had gone to her home. She would be returning by a week. 

He tried reaching her but couldn't succeed.

Veronica said that maybe her number would be out of reach, due to poor connection. 

She didn't even return after two weeks.

Veronica sends him a letter. She was also going to her home, as they got vacations after the exams.

 He read that letter twice. It read that Meera was suffering from Cancer and she had gone to her hometown for the treatment. 

He immediately called Veronica, but her number was switched off. He got worried. He dialled Meera's number and fortunately, she picked it up. He asked her," What is Veronica saying?"

She immediately cried. Varun understood that the letter was true. He asked her everything. She told him that she went to the doctor for the checkup. The doctor had suggested some tests. When he was at his maternal home, her reports came and it was declaring breast cancer. 

"So what, it's curable! You will be alright. I promise you."

"It's not yar. I got very late."

"But please let me know if this is a prank."

"No, this is not and can't even be. Why would I lie to you?"

" Don't worry, I will marry you firstly."

"What?? Marriage. Are you mad or what? I can't marry you."

"Stop all this shit. And we will go to some other doctor for your checkup."

"Why ?? I m already taking treatment."

"I am saying na, I will pick you. Be ready tomorrow. 11a.m. "


"I am not going to listen to any excuse. I will save you. I won't let happen anything to you. I will work for 24 hours. I will manage everything. I won't let anything happen to you. It may not be curable in India, but in foreign, it's possible na. We will go to London. I will talk to my father in the morning itself."

"Calm down Varun."

"I...I won't let God snatch you from me...You...You don't worry. I m here na. Don't worry."

"Maybe God had given me this much life only. But I got your love, I will always be thankful to him."

" Why are you saying like this??"

He started crying. Meera video called him. She saw him. He was crying inconsolably. She immediately cut the call and send him a message.

"It's a prank. "

Varun was furious. For the once, he didn't believe her. He thought she might be saying just to calm him down. When he made her swear upon him, she told the truth and he simply blocked her from everywhere.

 After 10 minutes, he called her and she continuously begged a sorry. He asked her why did she had done this? And moreover, it included Veronica in this. She couldn't reply. She was just asking for a sorry, promised she won't repeat it ever again. 

He asked her, " Do you even know what I was feeling. You think everything is just a joke. Life, emotions, these are not jokes. I always thought you to be mature and smart. But, you are stupid as hell. You knew what I would feel, still, you did."


 He ended the talk. 

Next morning, he didn't answer her calls, he didn't even saw her messages. 

At 11 am, her phone beeped. It was a message from him.

'Wanna go for the appointment?'

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