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Gopika Madhu

Abstract Fantasy Children


Gopika Madhu

Abstract Fantasy Children

Anna's dream world

Anna's dream world

2 mins 240 2 mins 240

Hi Jack, where are we going today? Anna asked. Today ,today we will go to the flying mountain. Dora said that it is a beautiful place there. Who is Dora? Anna was surprised...Don't know Dora...oh Dora is my best friend. Dora and i go flying together on the mountain. Flying mountain? Where is it? And why haven't you told me about it yet? Where is this flying mountain...….Anna asked..there..he pointed to the top of a hill in the distance. Anna was anxious. She asked can you take me too..?

Jack quickly demanded ..yes nothing could go there so quickly .Dora- Bujji says there are a few things to do …what things? Anna asked .Jack said in a big way. That's it you need to see Tome and Jerry .they are the first to give the task. Dora will see if you do as they say. Yet let me ask you something. Tom and jerry are enemies. Hey stupid! They are a great team now. they even got the Best friends Award last day. You know nothing about this. Read and newspaper from time to time .But put the world information. Anna's eyes widened ….what are you saying? Are you crazy?who said all this ?DoesTom have life in it .Anna wondered. Are you idiott...!!

Jack laughed at her jokingly.Anna angrily looked at the mountain he was pointing to on the other's full of yellow.Jackk said.or there are lot of white arenot smart right that why you look yellow..who said i'm not in trouble?you are stupid.Anna said angrily again ,then took a small stone and threw it towards the angel.suddenly the mountain was full of blue flowers.Anna got scared..she went and hid behind Jack.Jack suddenly started talking to the mountain...

Hey fly up the hill .Anna is my friend....i really want her to be tthere can you help us?then he told Anna to pray..

Anna  didn't understand anything. But did as he told suddenly it was getting dark and it started to rain. They both ran and went and stood under another tree.she didn't understand anything. Suddenly the tree started talking to them. Hi anna,, hi jack. How are you? I'm fine, jack said.then jack asked and you? The tree replied.. the other day someone came to kill me he will come again tomorrow.. he will kill me..

But Anna  could n't hear anything. She saw jack talking to  herself  and she teased him...ooops..

Are you mad...she asked..he said. No Anna is  the truth.. you will understand when you go to  the mountain. Anna was in a hurry to go there   we can go there quickly.. 

Okey   lets do what jack says..okey come on lets go a little further. That's where Tom and jerry are.when Anna heard that she wanted to see him..

They walked quickly. Jack she caledrhim..then did jack tom and jerry get aling? Jack launched.. and said.. Anna. That's  a great strong.. god ince come in front of them and said.. god is sad that you make a fight.if you were good friends the whole world  will love you more than ever. 

Anna was amazed..god cime u want to see god too....

Has jack seen god..?  Anna asked yes   he replied  when.. Anna asked in shock. Then why didn't you show me? She was sad.He said everything can i will show god for sure.. he gave his world  their  walk become faster.. how can ut be seen.. Anna's doubt doesn't end.he said.. god can be seen from  anywhere... 

How us that,, Anna asked.. i will tell he replied... 

Then we got close to Tom.Tom and jerry were starting at us.they both laughed and welcomed us..

Hi anna.. they asked if hi jack was fine..everything  was a miracle  for Anna . She was totally shocked to see Tom and jerry standing next to her on Tv.

How did you get here...? Do you live here? How did you getnyour life? Anna wanted to ask them something.. Tom said...Anna take  a rest now.... lets talk a little later.... we have to go to the flying  mountain  and see,,,, Dora   but we have too see god... 

Is it still too late to see god..?. I want to see you and go home.. mom and Dad would be scared.. if they didn't see me... Anna was worried.. 

Don't worry Anna... Anna get homr early... before that we need to do somethings... 

After Anna sees god.. she must do three things

It is enough to do it according  to Anna"s will.

Anna asked.. what can i do.. it 's Anna's choice.. Tome said... Anna go and do things.. 

Anna and jack wentbto three good things... what to do.. anna was totally confused   she asked jack.. jack what should  i do?  He said...Anna.. it is a great  things to griw up happy witb someone  else because  of us... so do something like that... anna looked around... 

A little farther  away a lot of little  babies  were crying... she went over to it  the chikd said..  i do not see my mother. . I want  see  my mother... he started crying  again... i can take you to mother... Anna told him his mother.. he asked where he was, he pointed  to a river  a little farther away... 

Anna picked  him up and waked  there. His mother  was there to collect water.. she too him to his mother... his mother  thanked him tonthe good she had dine.. 

When he returned,, he found a sick grandmother.. grandmother had a big cover im her hand... it hada a weight  on it ... she bought it and took her grandmother to their house.. when he came.. back to jack.... he was nowhere  to be found.. instead  there was a small bird  lying  wounded.. she washed the wound and laid..... it in a shade  of tree.... them see fore the hem of her dress and field the wound.. suddenly  jack came.. Anna lets go  Tom calls... she ran to javl  and walked with him.... when she got back.. Tim completed her in what she had done.. she was happy... Anna's biggest surprise  was that Tom and jerry were together... 

Jack said... now you can go the mountain... so they started climbing the mountain in tge evening  they reached the mountain... it was fall of flowers.. Anna asked.. is this heaven....? Are Dora and buggy angels...?.. 

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