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An Unforgettable Face

An Unforgettable Face

4 mins

What would you do if you encounter a ghost?

Would you question it's existence, it' authenticity? or would you rather run away?

Maybe in some cases, some of you would fight back.

I don't know about you guys, but let me tell you what I did.

Let me share an experience that stays with me forever. A face that I can never forget.

It was in the year 2011, I lived with my two roommates Maya and Abhi. All three of us were really different, we had different beliefs and different personalities all together. Despite the difference we were really good friends and of course we had few things in common.

All three of us were lazy and a miser, literally a penny-pincher. We would keep count of every penny spent.

Except our undergarments we shared almost everything.

Jointly, We bought the most infamous bike which had the history of shedding blood of all of it's previous owners. We negotiated it for 9 thousand. Those days, We used to cook for ourselves.

On that ungrateful day, morning itself was a precursor to what was coming. Our pressure cooker blasted leaving us with no food. Out of laziness, we kept ourselves starving throughout the day.

In the evening when we could not resist anymore, We decided to go out and join a party.

With our stomach crunching, we attacked on the food and ate like barbarians. It was 2 am in the night, When we decided to return back to our place.Like always, We started arguing who will drive. Maya won the argument saying, Abhi always gets to drive the bike for taking his girlfriend out. Satya, You do not have a driving license and there definitely will be police at this hour.

He was about to get to the riding seat when I usurped it saying," Dude, You both are drunk. I am the only one sober here so I get to drive." No more arguments. So, It was me who was driving, Abhi was sitting in the middle and Maya at the rear end. We did not realise that like any other day, we have taken a route which had graveyard on the way.

Unlike the daytime, It looked totally scary, whole place looked plagued and slowed down covered with an eerie silence. The only sound that we could hear was from our own bike screeching through the uneven damaged road. That feeling when you want to get past something quickly but it keeps on prolonging, was all over me.

Suddenly Maya whispers," Dude is that your girlfriend out there?" All of a sudden I see a women a little ahead of us, standing at the side of the road, in a white dress. Abhi in defense says that, No I talked her to sleep like an hour ago. beside my girl friend has got legs.That's when I realized that the girl had no legs, it was a see through.

It was too late for us to turn around. Turning around would have slowed us down.I made up my mind and decided to get past her. It was difficult driving, I could feel a cold wave pulling the bike towards her.

For a moment, I was stupefied. Her face, pale and cold as ice was the most dreadful one. From a distance I could see those distinctive blood red eyes. I can not ever forget them. They were wide open, sent a chill down my spine.

Somehow I took control of the bike and brushed past her.After then,I drove the bike at a break neck speed and reached our place in no time.We wanted to talk but we were stuttering with shiver.

It took us some time and few blankets to get our consciousness back.We were so frightened that we called up our nearby friends to stay with us.

Nobody believed us at first. Why would they, beside, All three of us had conflicting realisation. Maya was awestruck and in shock. Abhi was in denial, "it was nothing, we were drunk. We might have imagined" he said. It was surreal for me as well, but I was in my complete senses. I knew what I experienced.

Soon, when we could let go off our blankets, someone noticed Maya, his shirt was torn at the back. He removed his shirt.There were sharp and long scratches of nails on his back.Now, all of us were sure that what happened, really happened. It was all for real, a hair breadth escape.

I would not ask you to believe in ghost. But takeaway the lesson that I have learnt, had I been drunk or nervous that day, we would have tripped down. Had I not been conscious and courageous, I would not have been able to drive, I would not have been able to fight back.

For me, The moment you snooze, You loose!

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