An Immature Girl

An Immature Girl

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Once upon a time, there was an immature girl, who fell for a mature guy. The mature guy gave her his company every time, loved her endlessly for her childish behaviour.

The girl was younger than the boy. As she grew up, she started being mature, and the mature guy started losing his love. 

He became insecure day by day, and tried his best to tie up girl’s hands in every way possible.

The boy blamed her for everything, the girl every time said sorry as she was scared of losing him. 

The boy gave some conditions which were to be followed by the girl, he often blackmailed her that if she won’t, he will leave her.

The immature girl gave her best to the relationship, she didn’t want to lose him.

One day, the boy left her.

That day, the immature girl had no way out, she was broken. Instead of crying, she chose to smile, she understood that love has no conditions. Love is freedom. Love is acceptance. She became a free bird, answerable to none.

The boy came back a week post break up. The immature girl had become mature enough to say NO.

She preferred to become a free bird than to go back into the cage called love.

The immature girl became mature.

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