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Alien Attack - 1

Alien Attack - 1

3 mins

The night reached its end and getting ready for a new day, still, the telescope was in Anu 's eye. excitedly she watches the shooting star. Maya and Mukilan were with her in half sleep and lying on the sofa placed in the balcony.. Maybe because of the love of stars make Anu brisk.., she won't get sleepy ... she continuously talks with them... both of them were tried to pay attention to her words in half sleep...

    At that moment that happened.... Anu 's voice of explanations suddenly converts into siren.... 

"Oh........!, I can't believe this come and see this", Anu thought. The sleepy mood of Maya and Mukilan were disappeared; "what happens Anu..?, Why are you shouting.?", before Anu gave the answer for his question, Maya placed her eye on Amy's telescope. Just in a moment, Maya's heart bumps as fast as the speed of train ;"my god", her voice trembled......, "it's an asteroid..... it's too close to us......!??...", Maya got fear." We won't need that telescope.... see that.. it was targeted us....! ", Mukilan's word froze them.

    Slowly .....the golden ball form the sky grown up into a fire ball, they closed their eyes as tight as shells in the sea. But the fire ball won't attacks them., it fly over to their head and fell in their garden.

    After that only they got their lives back; "thank god.... we're still alive", Anu fell in joy. come on let's go and see what's that stuff" ,she urged both of them. "No... We need to call the police now" Maya's body still shivers. "we'll discuss this later but before that, we need to see that stuff... come in .. let's go... Anu grabbed their hand and search the way to the garden.

    In garden.....

    Anu was so excited to see the asteroid. They went close to that stuff. At the same time that was happened. All of their attention was pulled by a light flash that was coming from the garage located few steps far from the asteroid. Maya slowly moves toward the garage's door. then opened that ., the flash was coming from the bulb which was connected to radio in the garage. "It was just a bulb.... don't got shock guys", Maya explain the situation; but Anu got shocked after Maya's word......, "how this bulb blink without any current..?????..." they searched the wire connection with the garage, but they won't find it out.

At the same moment, Mukilan calls them in a trembling voice. Anu and Maya went to the place where the asteroid was placed ........ Mukilan's sight noticed the asteroid, "this looks like a machine",... they were starring at one another's face. That time when they were frozen in shock; the garage 's radio shouted..... "Alert..... Alert...... message for Dr. v. Kannan..... planet Earth is in danger...... first attack targeted in 20.59⁰ N _ 78.96⁰ E.... Alert.... Alert....... ", the radio shuts it's sound.

     " War on earth ..? Does it mean warriors are not on Earth?.... Aren't they aliens?......

     All their faces seen with frightened.....  

                _   TO BE CONTINUED..... 

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