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Now-a-days in his front veranda, Govind Babu waits for Dinabandhu, the new post man of this area. The aged postman has been recently transferred to this area. With his light blue postal uniform and a khaki coloured bag on his shoulder, Dinabandhu always gives a warm smile. Whether there is any letter for Govind Babu or not, Dinabandhu comes and sits on the veranda and start chit-chatting for about half an hour except Sunday which is a holiday. The two old men share their thoughts, emotions with each other.

In the far end of life, every man wants to express his thought, inner feelings to someone. Perhaps one requires an equal minded friend to share his happiness, sorrows and untold emotions. But where to find such an affectionate person who will listen to other’s feelings in this mechanical and selfish world?

Perhaps Govind Babu had discovered such a warm and affectionate soul inside postman Dinabandhu. He forces Dinabandhu to drink buttermilk or nimbupani or tea with some snacks even though Dinabandhu shows mild protest.

“In this hot and dry climate you are performing your duty riding this old bicycle. It must be too tiresome and hectic considering your age. So just quench your thirst and have some rest in the shade or else you will have sunstroke,” says Govind Babu.

On their first meeting Dinabandhu had enquired, “Are you staying alone in this big house? I don’t see your children or grandchildren?

Taking a long, deep breath Govind Babu replied, “After my wife’s death, I am staying in this ground floor with the caretaker, cook and driver. First floor of this building is on rent. My two sons are in America with their family. They come here once a year. I can’t go there in this condition. Moreover,  attachment of  own house is also a major factor. How can I leave my own house? My wife would be watching from heaven. Telephone, internet are the source of my contacts with grandchildren and children. I have to be content with that.”

To boost the moral of wheel-chaired Govind Babu, Dinabandhu said, “After recovery you can be with your children. As a parent, no matter wherever our children stay, we always wish for their happiness.”

Govind Babu feels happy listening these words. “You know Dinabandhu, sometimes I feel I have made a mistake by giving higher education and sending my children abroad. I could have seen them every day, if they were here.”

Taking a deep breath Dinabandhu replied, “Do not think like that. Suppose they were here and didn’t care for you or stayed in the same city in their own house or rented house, then just think how much painful it would have been for you?”

During that time, the gentleman staying in the first floor, went out with his family in a car .

Govind Babu said, “This boy is a gem, brilliant scholar and working in a very high post. My son could have worked like this. I must say at the old stage, both father and son should have same address; must stay together.”

Dinabandhu, with a tearful eye, was looking at the car moving out of the gate. “They are my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. My daughter-in-law being from a high society and rich family could not adjust with my wife. My son too doesn’t bother for us. He feels ashamed now to be known as a son of a postman. It is against his status and prestige. But how can I leave my job? I could not content myself and in the guise of duty visit your house every day, just to have a glance of my grandson from outside.” Dinabandhu was inconsolable.

Govind babu was stunned to discover this truth.

Wiping out the tear from his eye Dinabandhu once again spoke, “Sir, just by wishing, father and son’s address never become same. Example is in front of you. Just look at me; I am such an unfortunate postman, who is searching for the real address of his son.”




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