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A Zombie by the cemetery

A Zombie by the cemetery

5 mins

I woke up. I couldn't hear anything except for crickets chirping, the hooting of the owl, the clocks tick-tock, and (of course) my brother's snoring. Weird, I could swear I had heard a sweet and melodious yet very sad song.

It was just 2o clock in the morning. I turned here and there and hit my pillow but for some reason could not sleep. So, I tip-toed to the kitchen to fix myself a coffee. I was just sipping my coffee when I heard the music again. It was such a melodious one that even a nightingale would be ashamed of its prided voice, the same as the one I heard before but with one difference-this one had no intention of stopping.

I do not know what the music had done to me, but I felt a sudden urge to find the source of the melody. I walked slowly towards the door. Near the door was my pink sweater. I quickly put it on and opened the door slowly not wanting to wake my parents or worse, my brother.

I do not for how many miles had I walked or how many miles have I been walking and surprisingly for how much I have felt that I walked neither my legs were tired nor was it paining

A cold eerie wind swept by me as I reached silently through the lush green grounds of the cemetery. I held on to my sweater, shivering, as I walked towards the unknown source of melody

I walked among the neatly arranged tombstones in their place. All of them are made of stone with names of the unfortunate souls behind them. I felt a chill run down m spine as I looked at these motionless pieces of rock on the ground. I knew one thing firm and clear I should keep on walking until I reach the mysterious source.

As I looked around I happened to see a peculiar tombstone. It was made of pure white marble which seemed to glow in the moonlight. The marble was so pure except for the stains made by the mud and the constant exposure to the sun had won it out a little. The name etched on the stone was quite worn out but I could still manage to make out the name 'Calynn Rose Christopher' written in blood-red color on the pure white marble.

I looked at it for a brief moment. something about the tomb made m very uncomfortable with my sweater so I removed it and kept it neatly on the tomb. at this point, many questions were racing in my mind. Why is this tomb different? and most importantly Who is Calynn?

Suddenly I was disturbed by the song. Oh my goodness, I forgot about the song. I turned toward the direction of the song to find a beautiful lake from which the shining stars and the full moon was reflected. Near the lake was a girl not more than ten in a pretty yellow dress that reached to her knees with her yellow curls that flowed to her hips. She was deeply immersed in singing. I guess she sensed my presence as she stopped singing and turned toward me asking a single question, Will you play with me?

we she turned toward me I could see her face more clearly. one half of the face was of a beautiful young girl. but the other... was a horrifying sight. it was burned and bloodied. Maggots were swarming. her one eyeball hung with the help of optic nerves and blood vessels

I felt it would be dreadful being alone, nobody to play with. I at least have 2 brothers and plenty of cousins to play with. She might be feeling lonely. maybe, this is the reason she might be singing this sad song.

But my brain and my brain are opposed to this idea. she just wanted to run away from her. so I ran, at least I tried to. I felt something strong holding me. I looked down to find two skeletal hands holding my legs with surprising strength that I was amused that they had no single thread of muscle in them.

The clear dark sky became cloudy and the sound of thunder boomed from behind the moody clouds. the once seen maiden moon was nowhere. "wrong answer!!!" she screamed so loud that the loudest loudspeakers would have been put to shame." you should have just answered the Question, not run away from it. Now...DIE " The anger with which she said these who have made even the lion who has been declared as the most courageous one on the planet would easily become a Fraidy cat.

She began walking slowly towards me. My heart sank deep inside my body. I felt as if a heavy stone id deep inside my stomach. beads of sweat started appearing on my face. I was too afraid to think of anything. I tried to wrench my legs out of the skeleton's grasp but it only tightened its hold on my legs. Every step she took multiplied by the number of times my heart was beating. I was scared beyond anything.

The gap between us decreased, 10 yards, 9 yards,8,7.6,5,...when there were less than 2-3 feet she stopped. then she raised her bloody maggot-filled hand. I knew this is my end.

Suddenly water was sprinkled on me. I looked at her even though she looked confused.

"sleepy head, wake up" came the voice from the world's annoying brother. I jumped from the bed to find him having a good laugh.

I only could smile after all for me he had saved me from witnessing the worst nightmare ever had.

"What are you staring at him". my mother barked from the kitchen "I thought you had to go to Luna's house". oh no, I completely forgot about that

half an hour later, I am asking my grandpa to drop me at Lu's house. I had taken a bath and was wearing a comfortable T-shirt and jeans after eating a huge breakfast.

Luna's house is a big bungalow. We usually play tag, UNO, Hide n seek, ice n water, monopoly, and musical chairs with all of her neighbors. We play it with great gusto. That day we decided to play hide n seek. One of her neighbors was the seeker. I was finding a new place to hide when suddenly I fell. I got up and saw I had a scar and blood was coming from my knee. Luna ha one told me about the medicinal plant behind her house so I went forward for an adventure as an explorer going to discover something new.

At that moment I heard a song. A song I was greatly familiar with. I walked toward the sound to find a small gate. I opened the gate to find a cemetery. At that moment my eyes fell upon a tombstone. I would have ignored it thinking it was just a coincidence but then my eyes fell upon something on top of it, a  sweater. My pink sweater

Oh no


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