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Yashasvi Raikwar

Horror Thriller


Yashasvi Raikwar

Horror Thriller

A White Rose

A White Rose

7 mins 368 7 mins 368

I never had such a paranormal experience before!!

& that graveyard, Oh God!!

There was a very old house, a bit far away from the place where I lived. It was bigger as compared to normal houses of the locality as it was built in 1950's.

Very old, isn't.

Some said that it was haunted, so some said it was cursed. & there were many horror & ghost stories which were popular about that house. But whatever, I was never afraid because there lived a lovely old couple whom I usually liked to visit. They were Mrs.Mary Will & Mr.Fredrick Will.

They loved each other very much & had everything except their own child.

Mr.Fredrick although never liked me. I don't know the reason why, but Mrs.Mary was one of the most generous person I've ever met.

She made chocolate pudding on every Christmas for every child of our locality.

She also used to give me that & also those beautiful white roses which I've always loved. They had a big garden, full of flowers in their backyard. It was full of charming butterflies, highly intelligent & busy bees, & those little golden bugs. But 10 years later she died & a very heartbreaking farewell was given to her. Sadly I was not there because I was out of the town for some reasons. But I was deeply hurt. After her death, Mr. Fredrick started hating me even more & had forbidden me to come back to their house. But he didn't understood that he was caging himself in misery. That lively charming garden was now no longer charming as all the plants had died. Maybe they had also sensed the death of their beloved caretaker. 

5 years after the death of Mrs.Will, Mr.Fredrick also died & since then that building was locked. The funeral was held. I also prayed for his soul. It was raining a bit as it was August. But deep in my heart I felt something strange. I'm not able to describe it in words, but yes I was feeling like someone from behind the trees was watching me.

It was a bit weird. But it doesn't bothered me as I've heard & read also that a soul generally attend its funeral. So I strongly pushed away all those negative thoughts & all this brings me to 21st November 2028.

21st November, it was a chilli, normal day. At night, I was coming from my office. It started drizzling when I was travelling & this increased the cold. At that time not many people were there in the streets. The wind started blowing more strongly & so I hurried back to my home. 

After reaching, I changed my dress, ate the dinner, then sat near the fireplace & started reading a book. At that time, I had lots of stuff in my house like candy sticks, books, dresses, decorative items, paintings, etc. I got all this on my b'day which was on 18th & I along with my family, friends & neighbours enjoyed a lot. I truly felt blessed. Just as I was thinking this I heard some noise from the kitchen.

There was nothing when I went. Just as I came outside, under the sofa, there was something.

A very old book!! I read it's name, "The Secrets Of The Black Garden." Looked exciting, but just as I was about to open it the dogs started crying. But it was fine because they also feel the pain. The winds started blowing more strongly & I saw the time, it was 11:30 p.m.

"Its time to sleep," I thought. So I kept the book on the table & went to bed.

I was woken up by a nightmare in the night. The clocks were showing 2:00 a.m.

I got up to drink water. But there on the window sill!! I saw a white rose planted in a pot & had a tag on it saying, "Happy Belated Birthday Alice!!Now all this was becoming a bit horrifying for me, because no one knew about this name of mine except Mr. & Mrs.Will!!

Just then I heard some noise coming from the attic. As I came out I saw that black old book lying on the floor. The noise was becoming louder & louder. I took the book, kept it on the table & went into the attic. At that time the current was not there because of bad weather. So I took a torch with me.

Just as I moved my hand towards the door I got an eerie feeling. Someone was standing just behind me!!

I turned behind slowly. No one was there except the dark. Mustering all my courage I went into the attic to see & suddenly everything became silent. Just then a book fell from the bookshelf on the floor.

Breaking the silence.

That old book again, but this time it wasn't closed but opened. I was just about to bend to pick it up. But there, I saw something!! Yes there!!

Hair-raising, a ghostly figure!! 

I was standing there terror struck. It first looked at me & then went out of the attic. As it went away I took a breath of relief & closed the door. (Although I knew there is no obstacle for such beings. They can come anywhere)

I hurriedly took that book & started reading that specific page. But it didn't had any letter just cartoon like pictures. So absurd!!!

But when I looked at it carefully, I noticed that it was that backyard of Mr. & Mrs. Will, which had now become a mess.

& some lines were written in the corner of that page.

            "A STRANGER, 



           THE DISPERSED."

"Now what does that mean?," I thought.

Just as I was thinking this the door suddenly opened with a banging sound. The blustery winds entered the room & then I heard the sound of a falling key. I picked it up & recognised that it was the key of Mr.Will's house.

All this felt like they were calling me to come to their house.

So horrifying & frightening it is to go there in this stormy night!! 

But even if I didn't went, that ghost was still there in my house. To make everything right I had to go.

I had to go all by walking as my car had gone for servicing.

The streets were empty with the lightening & stormy winds. After sometime I reached their house. There was no light on that way because no one lived there.

So I turned on my torch & was welcomed by those scary bats with their big red eyes, like flying vampires!!

I opened the lock of their door, & then entered their house. It was full of spider's web & dust all around. Just then I saw a paper beneath my shoe. I picked it up & saw, it was written by Mr.Will. It read,

"Dear Mary, I'll save you & will burn them. Backyard...." 

Seemed like some sort of letter written by Mr.Will while he was out of the town.

Most of the page was burnt, so I was not able to read the whole, so according to it I went to the backyard.

(Thinking maybe I'll find some clue)

But that door took me to the graveyard.

(I choose the wrong door as I never went inside their house)

I was getting tired & exhausted as I had not slept properly for 4 days because of the workload. And that graveyard gave me a spooky feeling.

Just then I saw the grave of Mr.Will & beside it I saw a white rose (almost dried up) in a glass bottle like someone have did a black magic.

That's when the thunder & lightening got strong. I opened the book again & saw a picture of a graveyard black & burnt.

(The drawings were all black)

Yes I got the clue!! Maybe I have to burn that rose.

But it is easier said than done.

I saw that ghostly figure

there, as if it didn't want me to go there. But I had to do it.

So instead of getting distracted by all this, I went & burnt that rose. While I was trying to open up that glass bottle those verse popped up in my mind, every now & then.

But finally I burnt it & then slowly the weather started becoming calm. I prayed for his soul & then came back to my house & since then I was never haunted by those spirits again.

What about that book??!!

I burnt that book whose last page read, "THE FIRE WILL BE FREE, WHEN IT WILL BE BURNT...."

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