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Drama Romance

A Start To A New Ending

A Start To A New Ending

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“This isn't working," Dia said. 

Her eyes were red as she been crying the whole night.

I was actually focusing on her eyes without listening to what she actually said. 

That's where I have always been. 

Looking for the answers in her eyes.

She wasn't angry or sad. But she was all torn apart.

I sat there kneeling down to her when she was on the chair trying not to look at me.

This wasn't the first time we had a fight but this was different all the nerves of mine were yelling in the pain. “ You broke her”.

Then suddenly she broke.

Tears rolled down her eyes.

She was actually crying and was trying to tell something but there was a lump in her throat. She wasn't able to speak. 

With a sob, she said: “Abhi, I tried hard.”

I took her hand in mine grasped it and said, "I know Dia. You always have been. ”

Then there was a long silence. Like there was a lot to tell but you know I was actually focusing on her eyes and this time she too.

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