A Salute To Our Soldiers

A Salute To Our Soldiers

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Who was there when we had trouble during difficulties, who was there standing protecting us from invasion, who are the one patrolling day and night for our safety, a soldier was made to vow to give his life to the country before joining army, just how hard is the decision he had to make, if he did not he would not be able to protect him family and his loved ones, if he lost a loved ones he would blame himself for it, take it on his heart, which anything cannot wipe the scar clean, everyone would look down on him.

Here is one great and touching quote about a soldier life.

"If I died on the battlefield, box me up and send me home".

"Tell my dad not to worry as his son would not trouble him anymore".

"Tell my mom, I did my best".

"Tell my brother to lighten up, keys of my bike will be his permanently".

"Tell my sister not to worry, his brother will not rise after this noon".

"Tell my love not to be broken, cause I'm a soldier born to die".

Soldiers all over the world are sacrificing their sweat every second for the citizens, and citizens not dare give a thought about them, so who should thank and pray for the hardworking soldiers, left alone to train at night, sick with no proper medical treatment, hungry but no proper food, tired but no proper sleep, cold but no proper shelter.

The sweat of a soldier is more than valuable than that of a late 24/7 Government servant worker, he takes out his family picture, blink his eyes and then shed tears as he has no words to say "he misses his family".

Can't wait to reach his family, meet his beautiful baby son and daughter.

So, there goes the life of a soldier, and how are you living you life..?

Once again, "A Big Salute To Our Soldiers".

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