A "Plan" That Became A Dream

A "Plan" That Became A Dream

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Aah dreams! We have them in different colors and types. Scary, mesmerizing, happy. But some of the dreams that we see are with open eyes. And I mean it. Those are not actually dreams, they are goals, they are your passions that you would give your life for. You would give away anything and everything just so that you could get your hands on those dreams, just so that you could live that dream, just so that you could realize those dreams. For some of us it would be to become a pilot, but for some of us it is to become doctors. Everybody has their own goals or dreams, which we mention here as. But for me, it was to become a lawyer.

Cliche, as it may sound, one might not believe that becoming a lawyer could be an actually big passion or dream. This is because we have so much access to law colleges and practically any person of any field can become a lawyer. It is not a big deal one might think. But for me, this dream was, or rather is, my life. When somebody asks why do you want to become a lawyer, I actually don't have an answer because there was never a reason. I all of a sudden came through this idea and researched about the field and I realized that it was pretty much lucrative (and I mean money wise). So I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer. But then came the actual hurdles, which I never even thought of.

We, as Indians know that while choosing a career or while choosing a life partner, our parents become super helpful and come up with all sorts of advice and life-changing decisions. They forget that their part is to only advice us and show us the right path rather than them taking decisions on our behalf. Something peculiar and similar to this happened in my life too. My father wanted me to become an engineer, which I didn't want to, and my plan was to become a lawyer, which I decided after doing a lot of research work. So now when the actual crisis started and decision of my very own career was at stake, I couldn't keep quiet anymore and decided to revolt. The biggest revolution that I ever had to face in my own life. It was not easy. Going against your parents, the whole world telling you that you are being selfish and disobeying your parents given that I had never ever in my life done anything that my parents never wanted. But this was a major change. I had to do it. I listened to all of those accusations, stood like a rock in front of all those fingers that were pointing at me and accusing me of being a traitor.

Being from a middle-class family, we were not much economically stable. And given that law schools cost you a lot and burn a hole in your pocket, I shouldn't have even dared to dream of becoming a lawyer. And I was also an average-marks scoring girl, not really a person who tops any exams. So I also had to be sure that I could really work hard and the money does not go into the drain. There was a lot of pressure and so many important decisions to be taken. And in that process, the time period of my life where I had to revolt and make sure that I was being heard and my decisions did matter, the "plan" of becoming a lawyer blossomed into my dream, my passion.

I had never thought that this would change me as a person, but this phase of my life gave me a new dimension, made me strong enough to take my own decisions, stand up to my beliefs and gave me a confidence that my voice matters. And guess what, I had a dream to catch up to.

I realized that a dream or a goal or a passion doesn't come up all of a sudden, out of nowhere. An idea becomes your dream when you go after it, go through a hell lot of difficulties, fight for yourself and want that dream to be realized. It becomes a dream in the process, and in that process you would also give away everything in order to achieve your life-long dream. Today I am a law student. After all those hurdles, I did pass through them. And today when I look back, this dream of mine only made me stronger, better and hard-working.

So here is the only thing I want to convey in the end. Stand up for your dreams, stand up for what you believe. It maybe difficult at once, but only gets sweeter in the end.

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