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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Rishita Srivastava

Abstract Drama


Rishita Srivastava

Abstract Drama

A Letter

A Letter

9 mins

"Yeah, just send me the data and charts that you have created now, I'll compile it with the previous data that I have." Andrea quoted these words, as she was speaking to someone on her cell phone. She was in her study room and engaged in drafting her mails. Though it was Sunday today, she was preoccupied with her work. Since morning she had been "tilling the soil", but the task seemed never to conclude. She resided her laptop in the middle of the study table and her logbook was just beside her laptop and she was "pen and inking her notes". She was wearing reading spectacles and her eyes were moving instantly between her laptop and logbook. Her fingers were moving consistently on her laptop. In her room, there was pin-drop silence and Andrea was completely lull and quiet, just the persistent sound of clicking on her laptop articulated in the room.

Andrea Barber is a data analyst for the past four years and now a year ago, she became the chief data analyst in her company. And since then, her "tour of duty" has puffed up. she has to work even on weekends sometimes. But she is a very dedicated and bona fide worker and ensures that she "lays it on the line." She is a woman of medium height. She had short wispy auburn hair up to her shoulders. She had a brown pair of large eyes. She at all times carried a lively and gentle expression on her face, but when she worked, she pursed her lips and had a persistent convergence in her "piece of work". Andrea had everything one could wish for. She lived in a well set and remarkable apartment. She even owned a car which she drove herself. So all in all, one could remark, that her life was impeccable and ideal except that she had "dearth of time." Her job was not easy and she had to devote herself and pour in work. But she was blissful and gay about it. After all, it was due to her this job, that she was able to accomplish all her aspirations and needs. She wore a pair of black denim jeans with a grey sweatshirt. Her fingers were moving on her keypad "on and on" and her central focus was on her task. When she read the mails, she put her hair back from her shoulders, kept her hand on the table, and rested her face on the palm of her hand.

"Andy seriously, it's Sunday today and you have to work", Cody enunciated his words as he entered into Andrea's study room. Cody Barber was Andrea's younger brother. He was studying in a college presently and pursuing his undergraduate studies. Cody had an athletic and beefy solid body. He was tall in height. Originally he also had auburn hair, but he dyed his hair and turned it into chestnut brown. He also had a brown large pair of eyes and in some way resembled his sister. he had a sweet dimpled and gleaming smile. He was very outgoing and was super chilled out bloke. Presently at the moment, he was wearing a pair of denim jeans and a white and blue striped shirt. He and Andrea had planned to spend the Sunday binge-watching an entire season of a new web series that they had started to watch together a couple of days ago, but now again Andrea was swamped in her "line of work". Cody didn't get much time to spend with her sister and her sister was the only one he had in this loner world. And this was not the first time that Andrea had ditched him and his plans, she had done it before.

"You always do this Andy, this is not fair, you promised me that we would spend the entire day together. Watching the web series and ordering Chinese food. But now you are back in your workplace." Cody stated his words and gazed Andrea with furious and troubled eyes, he felt "all turned up. "Honey look, I'm really sorry and apologize from the depth of heart for this jumble, but just give me an hour, I'll wrap it up as soon as possible and then we can resume back." I'm asking for just an hour". Andrea explained her brother about her problem with glittering eyes and made a puppy face, which she knew, that eventually, it would melt his brother's heart. "Okay, you don't need to make that face, you know I can't resist that face. I'll give you about an hour's time. Finish it up and show me up. I am waiting for you outside. This time, Andrea Barber I'm cutting you some slack, but don't make this into a habit." Cody chattered his words and gave his jolly smile and came outside the room and decided to wait for his sister. Somewhere he was not thrilled about it and was afflicted about it, but he has to be contemplative and go along with it.

The clock stroke nine. Cody opened his eyes with tranquility as he had slept on the couch waiting for his sister. He heard the clock alarming that it was almost nine o" clock. It had nearly been six hours since he had been waiting for his sister. And again another weekend is lost and ended.

He swiftly stood from his place and straightly went to Andrea's workplace. Andrea was strolling in her room and was busy talking to someone on the cell. When she saw Cody coming to her, she deliberated the situation and asked him to wait for a moment. Cody stood there with his hands crossed and was very demented at Andrea.

Andrea was done talking on her cell phone and moved towards Cody. "Look I 'm sorry sweetheart, I know I ruined your plans, but I had my work to execute. You know what, let's continue these plans for next weekend. I promise that I'll surely not "gave a slip next time." Andrea elucidated herself but Cody was really mad at her this time and today there was no sparing for her.

"You know what, there's no next time coming. You do this every single time and promise that you won't reiterate again. But time and again you do the same thing. You only love your job and labor. You don't even have one Sunday for me. I 'm sorry, Miss Andrea Barber, please resume doing your work. Cody's bitterness and anguish was well highlighted in his words. He moved out of her room and moved out of the house. He bashed the door when he moved out. Andrea tried to stop her but was not able to, her cell was ringing and she went inside to attend her phone call.

It was almost 12:30 am at midnight and Andrea had been trying to contact his brother. Cody had not returned yet and she was waiting for him. She sat on the couch and was worried about him. Suddenly her cell phone started ringing. It was an anonymous number and she received the phone call. That phone call turned her world upside down.

Andrea hastened towards the hospital and rushed searching for his brother. The doctor and nurses were standing at the aisle with police inspectors. When she reached over there, she anxiously asked about Cody. And after hearing to the news, she was in pieces.

"Miss Barber, unfortunately, your brother met an accident and the doctors tried their best to save him but couldn't do so. We're sorry for your loss." The police inspector enunciated his words to Andrea and she was broke. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she could not control herself. Cody meant her world, she earned this life and fortune for him and now he's gone forever. Her little young brother whom she had raised like her own kid is gone, gone to the infinite. She'll never get him back.

It had almost been two days since this misfortune. They buried the corpse and his funeral was finally executed. Now she was left all alone in this world with no one on her side. Her sweet naughty young brother whom she loved so much does not exist in this world. Thoughts were racing in her mind as she was standing by the window and looking up in the sky when suddenly someone rang the doorbell and waken her, from her thoughts.

"Miss Barber we found a letter from your brother's apparel when we were searching. I think it's something very personal and we decided to give you this back." It was the same police inspector who was investigating Cody's case. He handed over the letter to Andrea and took an adieu from her and fled from there. Andrea closed the door, came inside, and sat on the couch. She unfolded the letter and started reading it. It was a letter that Cody had written for her elder sister.

Dear biggie,

Happy Birthday, Andy, at last, you turned 25. Today we have to chill and hang out together. I know today's your birthday and I'm the one who should be gifting you but as a return gift can I ask for something. I want you to spend some time with me today. Look I know you are at all times busy as a beaver in your work but today I need your time. You don't spend time enough with me and I get so annoyed because of it. So today take an oath. give me your time as a return gift. Well by the time you'll see this letter, I would be standing in front of you with a cake. And yes I do remember your favorite cake is red velvet. Don't worry about anything else, I have invited your friends to the party tonight. Best wishes from my side.

Your little brother,


Andrea had totally forgotten about her birthday today. today was her 25th birthday and she didn't remembered it. She recalls that Cody was so ecstatic about it and they were looking forward to it for so long. As she kept the letter aside, she started crying and was "all in blue funk". She really thought that if she had spent time with her brother equally, he would have not gone. Due to her work, she always ignored her brother who wanted to talk to her and spent time with her. What is the use of all this money and fortune and abundance when her little brother was not with her? Andrea learned a bitter lesson from her life but it was too late for her to realize what she had missed.

Sometimes in our life, we are so much swamped in our work and tasks that we ignore spending time with our loved ones. Life even gives us chances but we lose them because we prioritize our job or duty. Materialistic wealth and property are just a "chute plate" when our loved ones are not there. So pay equal attention to both your work and loved ones, because we know "nothing of more is good".


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