saravanan Periannan

Abstract Drama


saravanan Periannan

Abstract Drama

A day to cherish

A day to cherish

2 mins

The students who studied at SRZ college had a whatsapp group which became silent after the final semester and no one shared or initiated a chat in the group.

Then Ramesh shared a plan to make a trip to amusement parks for a reunion.

The lenghty conversation after long years started and many introverts turned into extroverts shared their opinions.

The final plan was made to visit kanyakumari,the southern end of tamilnadu.

Many still reluctant to participate in the trip became silent after many days.

Finally a countable 12 memeber gang that is divided within it is formed for the trip.

Ramesh's class rival akash too was there in the gang.

Four headstrong girls joined namely jene,mythili,dharsha and thilaka.

They hire a tour bus to start their journey from Orissa to kanyakumari.

The friends board the bus and sit at different parts of the bus.

Akash points out we meet after a plenty of time and still everyone is sitting at their own point of view.

let us enjoy these time which we may or may not get in the future.

All look at akash and suddenly ramesh runs towards him and punches him slowly and asks akash 

Where was the prophet in you doing in the time of college? 

Akash replies 

He went for pilgrimage.

All give a heartful smile at that joke.

The bus driver sees them sitting on his seat and akash say 

Start the bus or else ramesh will come and start driving.

Thilaka replies then we would land in hospital not kanyakumari.

Jene gets up and says give this girl claps before she starts the next joke.

The driver starts the bus and all starts to speak,sing,dance at the time of journey.

They reach kanyakumari.

They visit vivekananda Mandapam and the great tamil poet Thiruvalluvar statue.

All buys ice cream and sits on the sand floor of beach and watch the sunset speaking of their old college days and about the new events they face now.

The journey starts back to Orissa and all give each other hugs,love and the tears that flow due to the friendship.

then they plan to make reunion for the next time.

Meeting our friends through reunion is the best thing because they are the reason behind many of our happiness.

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