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Meenakshi Dsouza


A Day In Life Of A 7 Year Old

A Day In Life Of A 7 Year Old

5 mins

From the title you may have guessed that I am all of 7 years! I go to a lovely school, as I am sure you do or did too.

I am about to tell you how my day fares from the top to the boring bed time. Have a read, it’s pretty interesting!

The day starts with a loud bang! A tring tring and tick tock! All the alarms in the house are set just to ensure my parents get up on time. I am not sure what all the fuss is about – I mean I wake up easily enough! It only takes about a dozen shouts from my parents to get me off the bed and I am up in a jiffy! Once I get up, I love to go to the hall and roll around on the sofa; it has a warm blanket to cover me too. So from one bed to another! The move is smooth. However; my parents seem to be catching on to this… And they now tend to send me directly to the bathroom to brush my teeth!

My dear mum and dad seem to be scrambling to get me ready – again? – I can do this by myself peeps! – but, why should I take the pleasure away from my parents!

Well now that I have brushed and bathed – I have to eat a whole kilo worth of food until they are satisfied that I have enough nutrition to begin my day. This is slightly tedious as I would rather watch my cartoons than eat. So, we compromise – I eat while watching them! Problem is my parents catch me staring at the TV more often than with a spoon in my mouth. So please don’t be surprised to hear one of them suddenly shouts “Eat Eat Eat!” in middle of a meal. OK, so now, let’s assume we are safely out of the house – my parents love to drop me to the bus stop – but more often than not – they are running back home to bring back something (mostly my I-Card/PT shorts/Projects/calendar/tiffin/water bottle) I have forgotten to pack. Oops!

The school bus is like an awesome moving playground – with friends aboard to play with. I love to meet all my friends and I am thrilled to be on my way to another adventure. School is all about learning and playing, creating mischief, getting caught (at times) and at times getting punished too, about exams and tests and elocution, competitions and running races – it’s a thrill a minute. What more can a kid ask for – only the lunch bell!

My mum packs up an awesome lunch for me – but every once in a while I like to eat at our superb school canteen. Having a hot Wada-Pav for lunch is just out of this world! The lessons after lunch – well – they pass. I don’t hear much after a nice meal. Now we wait not so patiently for the last bell telling us we are done with the day to run with my friends and climb the hills collect weird looking stones and bugs to stash in my pockets! They look so pretty – one would think there are fire breathing dragons, if they hear my mum scream when she finds them in my pockets.

Well I am back from school and there are so many toys which are just begging for attention! But again I must change, clean up and have milk and once again EAT!! There is so much fuss with this activity, it’s a wonder I haven’t started looking like a 10 year old by now!

Completing homework is a must if you don’t want the entire school to meet up with you in the corridor. As soon as it’s done its back to play time! All the friends are calling out for a good and wild game of cricket, with a new rule at every shot is most looked forward to as is a game of football.

I come back all sweaty and am directed straight to the bath! Oh how I hate to have a bath – but once the warm water hits – I don’t want it to end! Once cleaned and fed (AGAIN!) It is the most dreaded time of the day – BED TIME! Oh how I hate it – There are so many interesting things to do – play with the Wii, read the new books my mum bought me, watch the new cartoon shows, try on the skates for one last round, play some more… please I say to them – but I am met with a brick wall! There is no getting them to change their mind. I even try shedding a few tears, and while I get a great many hugs, they carry me straight to bed!

I promise myself - I am not going to sleep and stubbornly keep my eyes open – for all of two minutes – I am off to la la land as soon as my mum starts reading the newest story!

Well – soon enough I’ll hear the alarms going off… and I am off to get started on a new day that has just begun!

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