Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

A Date With A Stranger

A Date With A Stranger

12 mins

Pihu was sited on the luxurious plush couch inside the pub. Being alone and nervous, she was looking here and there. It was Saturday night and the pub was jam packed with the crowd. Everything was new to her. The inside dim light, rattle – dazzle of lights on the dance floor, boys and girls shaking their hips on the thumping music, shattering voices of glasses on the bar counter, and smoky scent all over was making her suffocating. Moreover, she was not at all comfortable with her cherry red colored backless one piece suit which she had borrowed from one of her girlfriend. She was trying her level best to conceal her cleavage visible enough through its deep neck line. She has tucked her hairs in a bunch which has exposed her bare back. The suit was long but barely managed to reach her knees. Foolishly, she was trying to keep her legs closed. Her wide eyes caught the fire flame rose few meters high at the bar counter as the bar tender sets fire to the top 3 tall glasses with some alcohol in it. She got frightened but soon left a sigh of relief as it was his fancywork. Looking lost, she stared at the dance floor again, desperately searching for her group of girls who seemed gone missing from the time they entered the pub.

She was not aware that a boy sited at the corner of the bar counter was keeping an eye on her. Visibly frightened, unattended eye candy girl caught his attention. With a thought he got up from his chair but stopped as he spotted a guy reached to her. ‘He is trying to befriend her, she looks worried, he advances further, and she tries to avoid him.. He is an unwanted entry.’ The boy raised his eyebrow in his self admiration. ‘She needs a savoir... and I’m the one!’ He stood from his chair and reached quickly to her.

Pihu was terrified as suddenly another boy came from nowhere and sat besides her. He encircled his arm around her shoulders showing his acquaintance to her. Before she could blink she noticed the non verbal communication between the two boys. The first one seemed surprised as the other one was gazing him with killing look.

“What?” The second one snapped pushing himself closer to her.

The first stood speechless. He thought that the girl was alone. But it seemed he was wrong. Without uttering a word he stepped back. It all happened so quick that Pihu observed the happenings with popped open eyes only. She was feeling a bit safe with this new boy. Reason, though he had encircled his arm around her shoulder, he hasn’t touched it. It was rested on the sofa behind her. He slipped close to her but he was still a marginal distance away from her. She got time to look at him. At the first sight she liked him. He was good looking, groomed spick- and- span, his charm was hypnotic and he saved her. He slowly removed his hand encircling her and slide away from her making her feel comfortable. That impressed her.

“Where the hell is your boyfriend?” The boy shouted at her.

“Amm..” Pihu could speak nothing.

“How can anyone left a girl all alone in this place?”

“No.. I’m not alone.. I’m with my..” She spoke turning her head at the dance floor. “.. girlfriends.”

The boy stared at her bare back and he felt aroused. ‘She looks so young!’ She turned back and he cleverly turned his eyes away.

“Then what are you doing here?”

“Actually..” She seemed dejected. “My friends lured me to come here to make the merry but I don’t know how their boyfriends jumped in here. Now I don’t know where they all had gone. Last time I had seen them at the dance floor.”

“Oh.. They left you alone in the city of Gurgaon.. Great!” The boy left a whisker. “You are not a fool to understand my apprehensions.”

Pihu spoke nothing. She looked down adjusting her dress at her shoulder which was going down to open up her breast line.

“I’m Rajeev, I live nearby.”

“I’m Pihu. I’m from South Ex, Delhi.” Pihu stressed on word ‘South – Ex’

“You came so long..” Rajeev smiled wickedly.

“So, with whom you are here?”

“I came here alone. I come here frequently to have few drinks.”

“Hmm..” Pihu rolled her eyes gazing him from head to toe. She frowned.

“Would you like to have something?” Rajeev pointed towards bar counter.

“Drinks?” Her face showed confused emotions.

“Let’s go. I would love to offer you nice wine of my choice.” Rajeev stood up giving her hand to support with most dignified manner and took her to the bar.

“David, Mine regular.. and special exotic wine for the lady.” Rajeev ordered.

“I won’t drink.” Pihu was apprehensive. “Please get me a cocktail instead.”

“Don’t you have any boyfriend?” Rajeev asked as David returned with their respective drinks.

“No” Pihu replied smiling. She tasted her cocktail. It felt good. “Look at this.” She showed him the ring she was wearing on her ring finger. “I’m engaged.” Her lustrous smile grew bigger.

“Congratulations!” Rajeev replied half halfheartedly taking a sip of his favorite whisky.

“And I’m just eighteen years old.”

Rajeev felt her hidden pain.

“Are you happy?” Rajeev asked straight.

“Yes.. I love him.” Rajeev bored into her eyes, he felt she was speaking truth. He didn’t dig further.

“Earlier I was not happy with this proposal. I’m so young. But when I met Sid upfront, I found him a nice boy. He is well settled, stays at Italy, he has everything a girl look for.” Pihu opened up.

Rajeev ordered another peg for her. Seeing, Pihu ordered a wine for her. Rajeev frowned. Pihu smiled naughtily.

“I belong to orthodox family. I never had been to such places like my other friends. So, I came here to enjoy, may be the last thing I wish to do before my marriage. But my friends ruined it.” Pihu continued sadly. She emptied her first peg. She signaled David to prepare another one.

“I never ever wore such clothes, but I did it today. I wished to drink, dance and enjoy this first and last night out of my life. But..” David prepared another peg for her. She was emptying it rapidly. Pihu’s slurred voice was evident that the wine was getting control on her. She emptied her glass. “David, another one.” She ordered.

David looked at Rajeev.

“Pihu.. It’s enough for you.”

“Are you stupid?” Pihu jerked her neck in disbelief. “It’s just the beginning.”

‘Stupid girl! Anybody would get his hands on her.’ Rajeev usually cherished such situations. Passed out girls was a treasure for him. Afterwards he looted their chastity till the dawn. But, today Rajeev was in double mind. He doesn’t know why? But she was losing control now. Pihu banged the glass on the counter as David delayed to refill her peg. She leaned forward and stared hard at David. Rajeev could see her bare back. So soft, and tempting. His hands started twitching to caress it. He could glance at her deep cleavage. He felt dryness inside his throat. He looked down. Her dress was slipped well above the knees. Her open candid thighs made him felt aroused. David was staring him for his node as Rajeev was busy in adoring her intoxicating figure. David coughed. Rajeev signalled him to do as her way. Again, he turned his face to consume her adolescent appealing beauty from his lusty eyes.

Drowsy Pihu felt as if she was dragged away by somebody. ‘Is it Sid? My love!’ She smiled and didn’t resist. She was positioned on something. She felt soft, it might be a mattress. Her legs pulled up and kept on the mattress. ‘Oh! It’s bed! I’m inside my bedroom. Now I have every right to dream about my best man!’

Rajeev was sweating in the chilled winter night of Gurgaon. It’s not a one man’s job to carry drunken girl to the apartment. Thanks to the pub bouncers and his apartment guard who helps him always in this task. After all, Rajeev regularly paid them heavy tip. He was panting heavily gazing salaciously at half naked Pihu. He removed her high heeled sandal and started caressing her legs, slowly moving his hands upwards.

Pihu felt the touch. She was dreaming herself with Sid, secluded, in the night, on her first night out, inside her bedroom. She smiled. What the hell Sid is doing! She shivered. She never thought that Sid would be that fast. Though they are not married yet but.. She knew one thing, she won’t stop him.

Pihu aroused as Sid’s hand touches her thighs. She clasped his upward moving hands in her thigh grip but Sid didn’t stop trying. She moaned heavily. She heard Sid’s laugh. She felt ashamed. She hides her face by her palms. How embarrassing! But, Sid stopped. Pihu lost her heart beat. She waited. She felt him lying besides her. She smiled again. Sid is not going to stop. I won’t let him stop. Sid was encircling her. She can feel his breath on her face. Is he trying to kiss? She involuntarily opens her lips and again she heard the laugh. Now, it’s enough for her. How cruel! She grasped him from his back and shouted loudly, “Sid.. Kiss Me! Kiss me, Sid!”

Rajeev was about to kiss her but he stopped abruptly. ‘What does she just say? Sid.. Hell!’

Rajeev can’t believe what he has just heard. His forehead wrinkled. He moved in irritation. He can see Pihu’s wide open lips waiting for his. Her eyes were closed but she was murmuring something. ‘Kiss me!’ But she does speak something else. It was not expected! With astonishing look, Rajeev was staring her hard. She was responding to me, it felt that she liked it to happen, but not with me.

“Siddd…” Pihu shouted in agony with whatever strength she could gather. The word went like a bullet inside Rajeev’s ears. He felt he has trapped in no men’s land. His body was urging him to satisfy it but his mind was stopping him. Rajeev freed himself from the arm grip of Pihu and rolled beside her. “Gosh! I thought right earlier. She is not the kind of girl I desire for!’

Pihu went sudden numb. Her face looked startled. She shouted feeling edgy, she couldn’t utter any word but she was slumped. She muffled in pain, she cried out loud clasping bed sheet firmly. Rajeev could see her, her reaction towards rejection. As she cried out loud, banging her legs again on the bed, Rajeev could feel her pain of loosing a loved one so abruptly. He felt ashamed of himself. His heart was pounding, and he thanked God, for stopping him timely before committing the mistake!

Pihu slowly tried to open her eyes in the morning. She felt her eyes are swollen as if it had stored eye full of tears which are waiting to flow out. She was still feeling drowsy. She felt her heart is sinking and she is not feeling good at all. With a splash, a figure comes out in front of her. Rajeev! She circles her eyes around the room. ‘This room is not mine!’

Rajeev piped inside the room with guilt and to his horror, he saw the worst. She seems aware of everything. Her teary eyes were questioning him and finally she spoke. “Where did you stop last night?”

“I.. I stopped where I should have.” Rajeev uttered.

Pihu listened carefully.

Rajeev got a lump in his throat. “I admit that I have touched your body... But I haven’t spoiled it.”

“Means..” Pihu’s shrunken face glows with a ray of hope.

“.. I didn’t take your..” Rajeev didn’t manage to utter the ‘V’ word. Pihu was in dilemma whether to breathe a sigh of relief or kill Rajeev for all the good reasons she has. She chose the later one. She stood up with all the strength she has, and walked towards Rajeev. She slapped him many times across his face. Her hand ached but the anger inside didn’t subside. Finally, she picked up her handbag and rushed out. Rajeev ran behind her.

“I will drop you.”

Pihu didn’t reply. But Rajeev followed her. He begs her to listen her. Rajeev drove out his car from the parking. Pihu was quiet during the journey. Rajeev glanced at her in between. How badly this girl’s wish to make merry was ruined! Pihu was in deep thought. Her tears dried up. She was thinking how important it is to remain pure! She nearly lost it. ‘Thank God!’ She prayed almighty for teaching her a lesson.

“Who are you?” Pihu asked straight as Rajeev stopped near South - Ex’s PVR.

Rajeev didn’t speak. He looked at her with apologetic face.

“Why did you left me unscathed when I was most vulnerable?” She looked like injured tigress.

Rajeev took time to reply. “I don’t know. I have nothing to explain for my sudden withdrawal. Even I’m perplexed. How could I manage to control myself?” Rajeev visibly looked shaken.

“I’m the worst guy. I have ruined many lives. I haven’t counted the number of girls I have bedded till date. I enjoy luring girls to my bedroom where I feast on their body..” Rajeev replied lowly as if he is not proud of being a ‘Casanova.’

‘Gosh!’ Pihu astounded. “But why did you stop when I was serving myself to you on the platter?”

“Your love for Sid is so true.” Rajeev looked at her. Pihu stared at him surprised.

“Sometimes love is deceptive.” Rajeev replied straight in dry voice. “But I perceived your commitment to your love when I was with you last night. I can not express my feelings in words. But believe my words, you are the only girl who has escaped unhurt from my lust trap.” Rajeev’s voice turns heavy.

“Should I pat my back for it?” Pihu taunted him angrily.

“Sid is a lucky guy.” Rajeev continued, “Not all are that fortunate.”

“Will you elaborate?” Pihu got irritated.

Rajeev mused. “I’m not the fortunate guy, Pihu. So..” Rajeev couldn’t manage to speak as his throat choked with a lump. The past memory of his love and her backstabbing brought tears in his eyes.

“You are a good girl, Pihu. You doesn’t deserve the fate I led upon other spoilt girl for whom love is just an amusement. I would never stop myself from punishing them.” Rajeev’s face turned red in anger. “Please leave, Pihu. You better take care of yourself. You won’t meet Rajeev each time on your night out.”

Astonished, Pihu stepped out of the car and stood agape till the car reach out of her sight. She started walking slowly towards her hostel. She felt burnt out. With an emotionless face she entered inside her room. Angrily, she tore away her one piece suit and threw it in nearby dustbin. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was nearly naked. She was staring at herself differently. Her untouched body was spoiled now. She felt dirty stains all over. She felt averse of herself. She cried her heart out. But the damage was done and it was permanent. With tears flowing from her eyes seeing her vitiated body, she was feeling furious inside. ‘It’s not the end, Rajeev. The story has just begun!’

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