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A Child's Prayer

A Child's Prayer

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Sitting by the window, I saw all my friends play in the park. I went running to my mom with twinkling eyes and said.

"Can I play with my friends and down I go?

I am big and bold, can put up a good show!"

Amused by what I said, she reciprocated,

"You are just five and have friends so tall!

you are brave yet you are small."

Not ready to leave, I asked,

"Can you play with me?

I can share my toys with thee."

She refused saying,

"Let me cook, papa will be home anytime soon,

O Lord! what happened to the dishes and where is the spoon!"

Disappointed, I started to leave. Suddenly I turned back with some hope and asked,

"Can I also do the chores and help you through?

I have nothing else to do."

She scowled and I made my way towards the living room, switched on the television and started watching cartoons.

After sometime I heard the bell ring. Knowing that papa is back home, I went over to him and hugged him merrily.

I asked dad if he can play with me to which dad replied,

"Child, I have just come,

May be after sometime, we can have fun."

I headed towards television again. After a while dad came by and asked for television remote. Reluctantly, I handed him the remote. By the time mom served dinner for dad, I started playing with the ball as what dad was watching didn't make any sense to me. While playing, accidentally, ball landed near dad's plate.

Irritated he said,

"What's the matter lad?

Didn't I ask you to wait!"

I was waiting for dad to finish his dinner so that we can play. But again dad received a call and he started to leave.

I went crying in my room and prayed to God.

"O Lord! please listen what I have to say,

Send someone with whom I can play.

Mom's busy with the chores and Dad's occupied with work,

whatever I do, they usually irk!

I need someone to play with me,

who don't look at schedule to spend time with me,

who tell me where to look but not what to see.

I learn not by what they say but what they do.

What makes them go mad, I have no clue.

Lord! If you are really there,

show me the path and answer my prayer!"

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