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2 Minutes

2 Minutes

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"I will call you back in 2 minutes." Replied Sumit to a call from Kavya---2 minutes turned into hours.

Late in the evening, Sumit's phone rang once again, but, from Kavya's mother this time.

"Kavya has decided to stay at our home henceforth and a divorce notice will be filed and sent to you soon. We always wanted the best person to marry Kavya. Now,she has understood that it's not you."

Sumit anxiously asked,"Not calling in 2 minutes led to a divorce. Are you kidding me? Where is Kavya now?"

The lady replied,"We are at your apartment and will be leaving soon". The tone of a disconnected call hummed in the ears of Sumit.

Sumit hurriedly cancelled all the "urgent" scheduled calls for the evening and came running back home.

On reaching home, he could only feel a pin drop silence there.

On stepping into his bedroom, he was surprised by all of his family members wishing him "Happy Birthday". Sumit exclaimed,"Oh! It's my birthday party and I totally forgot that today is 22nd Feb."

Sumit 's heart was thumping against his chest and was trying hard to get acclimatized with the situation.

Kavya screamed with laughter and joy all over her face,"2 min mein Maggi bhi Banti hai aur Jaan bhi Jaa Sakti hain. Stupid!"

Sumit hugged Kavya tightly in front of everyone on getting her back 'once again' in his life. This remained as one of the best birthdays Sumit could reminisce.

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