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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Aman Srivastava

Horror Tragedy Crime


Aman Srivastava

Horror Tragedy Crime

10 Days In Hell

10 Days In Hell

21 mins 443 21 mins 443

I am Mary. Today's date is uhh.... It's the date I am visiting her. Though the time has passed, but the scars are still there and will be lifetime. 


My name is Mary Jane. I am in highschool. I am really excited for today as today's the day of our school trip. All of my excitement changed into nervousness when I came to know that there were only 18 students present for the school trip as it was a joint school trip with our seniors. There were only 10 students from our class. 


 Though, the place we had to go was great but the way was not. I was sitting besides Lily and Emma as they were the only friend of mine. I don't have much presence within my classroom.I was taking a small nap. Suddenly, I was half awake due to the scream within the bus. My eyes were blur but I could notice that the bus was tilting and tilting and until I came to my sense, all I could see was the seat rolling upward and downward and the bag's were floating here and there. Lily and Emma were holding me tightly and what I noticed was the bus hitting the ground. After this, my head felt light, I saw drops of blood and my vision became blur and then there was darkness in my sight. Probably,the last words I heard were-"Are you awake".


  After a while, a girl poured water over me and woke me up. I recognised her as Emma. There was blood over her body. I was too scared to speak so I hugged her tightly and cried. She held me and said-"Don't worry Mary. Everything will be fine".


   Emma ran towards the bus. I took a quick scan of my surrounding and all I could see were trees. We were in the middle of no where. Emma came running towards me holding a first aid emergency kit which she found inside the bus. She treated my head.


  Emma asked me to help the others. We ran towards the bus. And the devasting sight of within the bus was about to throw me out. Emma lend me her hand and both of us crossed that river of blood and one by one took everyone out except the driver. When I was about to go to help the driver, Emma held my hand and told me that he is not in the position of help. She asked me not to look over there.


Emma knew a lot about medical treatment as her father and mother both were doctors. She checked each of them and came to know that out of 18 only 10 could make it. They were Elina, Miz, Tracy, Sacky, Ammy, Elyssa, Liam, Nao, Emma and I. Lily was dead. I begged Emma to check her again. I just could not make myself believe it, at no condition.


While treating others, we came to know that Miz and Tracy got few cuts over their body, Elina and Ammy had broken back, Elyssa had broken hand, Sacky had broken left eye, Liam's shoulder got dislocated and Nao had internal injury and was still unconscious.


Emma and I, took out tents and other important things from the emergency kit present within the bus and with the help of Miz and Tracy we fixed the tent. We had 5 tents which were enough for us but what we did not had was enough food.

Everyone was conscious including our teacher -Ammelia Geller. All of our phone were crushed and their was no sign of help. The teacher and both of us carefully laid down Elina and Ammy within the tent as they were not in the condition to move. After this our teacher took all the dead bodies within the forest and buried it within the hole dug by us. Then we all had those snacks that we took for our trip. Everyone went within the tent in pairs. Emma and I went within our tent. The teacher was suppose to guard us from wild animals within the forest. It was the night full of sorrow.


Next day, when we woke up, we came to know that our teacher took all of our food and ran away within the forest. Some of us were angry, some were scared and some were relieved as they thought if she would be able to get out of the forest, then she might send help for us.

  Among all of us, Miz was most calm as she believed that teacher will send help for sure. We did not had any thing to eat. The weather was really hot and with our empty stomach, all of us were getting extremely irritated. Out of nowhere, a puppy came from within the trees. He came near Tracy with his mouth wide open and tongue hanging out of his mouth. Tracy got irritated and kicked the dog. Miz got mad at him and took the dog within her care.

It was evening,and all of us were extremely hungry. Emma and I were in Elina's tent cleaning Elina and Ammy body with a wet towel. All of a sudden, we heard a loud scream and came out of the cave. I saw that Elyssa was crying. Miz told us that she went towards the bus to see that is there anything for us to eat. And all of sudden, she came running towards us and started crying. I went towards the bus, Emma tried to stop me but I denied. I think it is the first time ever that I have disagreed with Emma. 


   I came near the bus and took a glimpse of the driver's seat. The sight was devastating. There was blood all over the seat. The driver's left eye was crushed, his neck was twisted, his skull was almost broken and you could see a little of his brain. The crows were feeding on him and he almost looked like a zombie. Emma came and held my hand. It was like my body was frozen. She took me towards the tent. We all went within our tent with empty stomach. I was not able to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, the sight of the bus comes into my head.


The next day, the weather was much more high than yesterday. Emma went within Elyssa's tent to check over Nao as he was still unconscious. She called all of us and asked Elyssa to drink some water. She told us that Nao was no more. Elyssa got mad and grabbed Emma's collar. Elyssa started crying and begged her to check him again. She held Emma's feet as she went on her knees. She was repeatedly begging Emma to cure him. Emma told that there was nothing she could do. That was the time when I came to know that Elyssa was Nao's elder sister. Everyone was trying to calm Elyssa and I was silently standing beside Emma.

      Sacky came near Emma and asked her the cause of death. Emma told him that it was probably due to lack of nutrition. Sacky asked Tracy for help and went within the forest to dug the hole. We took Nao's body and went within the forest and buried him while everyone was holding Elyssa. When we returned, we came to know that Elyssa got unconscious. She probably did not ate anything within last three days, even on the first day she probably did not ate her food in the hope of Nao coming to his sense and would eat it. At night, we all ate that leftover food but most of it was given to Elyssa even though she was not in the position to eat anything. All of us discussed that we can not depend on others to save us and came to conclusion that we will burn the bus to send the signal. And so we went within our tent.


The next day, Emma opposed the idea of burning the bus as she was with Elyssa when we planned all of it. She told us that it might be dangerous to burn the bus as the fire might grow into the forest too. And so we gave up on the plan. All of us gave up on the plan easily as nobody had the energy to oppose. All of us were dying out of hunger. All of us went inside the tent. Emma came with a really worried face. She told me to stay strong. I asked her what happened? She told me all of us are getting mad because of hunger. She told me that she peeked into other tents and what she saw was terrific. She saw that Elyssa was eating soil, Ammy and Elina were chewing each other's hair, Miz was mating with the puppy, the guys were collecting bugs to fill their stomach and Liam got unconscious. She also told me that maybe this all happened because our desire for hunger got stronger because of yesterday's meal.

During evening, Emma called everyone and told us that if we won't do anything about our hunger, then it's only a matter of time for all of our extinction. Emma said that we need to eat flesh to survive while pointing over the puppy in Miz's hand. Miz immediately said no. She started telling us about humanity and other things. We did not said anything about killing the dog but we did not opposed it either. All of us were completely silent as our silence was screaming YES. All of us were looking at each other's face asking for other to take the first step. Emma stood and snatched puppy from Miz. Others stood up and held Miz. Emma took a rock. She held the dog on the ground while the dog was screaming. After this there was a large noise and then a complete silence. Liam went near the bus and brought a sharp iron. Emma used it to take of the dog's skin and cut the flesh into pieces. Miz was crying and crying while all of us standing silently. As it was not our fault, we were innocent. The one to be blamed was Emma. Emma cooked the flesh and all of us ate it except Miz. Emma and I fed Ammy and Elina. It was like heaven for us. We kept Miz's portion in front of her tent. And silently went inside our tent.


Next morning, as usual we went to Elina's tent to clean them up. As we entered, a disgusting smell caught my attention. I looked over Emma but she acted like she did not noticed the smell. We took the wet cloth and went to clean them up.

 I sat near Elina and was about to clean her up as she held my hand. She asked me to leave her alone. Ammy was continuously ignoring us. I was about to resist as Emma stood and asked me to move. I immediately said no to her and forced my hand on Elina. Emma took my hand, pulled me over and slapped me. My eyes were down, I was too humiliated to see her face. Now, I really wonder what kind of face she made. I ran outside the tent and went within the forest. I sat down near a tree, wondering why I resisted her. Maybe it was because I was useless, my presence did not matters. Maybe it was because I thought that I was not useless, I was of some use for Ammy and Elina, maybe. I sat there looking up in the sky for nearly 5 to 6 hours. 


A noise came from within the bush. Emma came out of it. Her hand was trembling, dry soil was all over her body, her hair was a real mess, drops of water running through her eyes. She jumped over me and hugged me tightly. I could feel her body shaking from fear. She was screaming while crying, Idiot, where did you go, I thought that you left me, Don't leave alone. Maybe it was the first time I saw Emma this much scared. I hugged her. I said, Do you really think I have the courage to leave you? She said that then Why did you not returned? I said that I forgot the way back. Both of us started laughing while tears were running through our eyes. Emma said that Let's go back,we need to feed Elina or Ammy too and so we both returned. It was probably evening until we returned, as Emma too forgot the way back. Elyssa was cooking the leftover meat while others were sitting. We took Elina and Ammy's share of food and went within their tent to feed them. I was hesitating as I thought that Elina would be mad at me, now. Emma held my hand as we both entered. As soon as we entered, both of them opened their eyes. But not with a happy face but with a miserable face. We silently fed them.

While I was feeding Elina, a drop of tear ran through her eyes. I got scared. My hands stopped. I wanted to say her that I am sorry for today but I was too afraid to speak. Emma was quite too. Elina said Please kill us. Put some poison within the food. We don't want to live like this. It's just too embarrassing to live like this. Their was an awkward silence. Emma spoke up. She said that Even though it's painful and embarrassing. You should be glad that you are alive. I know it's embarrassing ,but that's the way the body works. And not only your's but our's too. That was the time I recognised the disgusting smell within the tent. It was the smell of pee and poo. Emma said that Even though you want to die, I won't let you die.

We both fed them while waters were running through their eyes. After we finished, Emma said that we need to clean them up too otherwise it may cause infection. We went out and ate our share of food. As we returned to Elina's tent we took some of our undergarments from our tent. We also took few pages. I took Elina's and Ammy's clothes off collected their body waste with the help of paper and gave Emma to throw it out. I cleaned both of their bodies with wet cloth and made them wore our undergarments as their clothes were within the bus full of blood. As soon as I cleaned them, they were too embarrassed to speak and so I left with their undergarments to clean them up. Emma took care of their clothes while I cleaned their panties and hung it on a tree. Then we returned to our tent


Next morning, we all were sitting near the ashes of wood with empty stomach as their was no food to eat. We heard noise within the trees. And from within the trees, we saw a lady with messy hair, tore clothes, cuts over her body and a large piece of flesh within her hand. It was no one but our teacher. The one who ran with our food. No one of us was happy to see us but what caught our attention was the large piece of flesh. We all were hungry so we welcomed her back by ignoring what she did to us. Among us, Miz was extremely sad. It was like she lost her hope. Tracy was extremely irritated to see her. Liam was still unconscious. We all cooked the flesh and ate it. After we finished eating, we told her that Liam is unconscious and Nao is no more. She did not showed much of reaction. It was like she expected it. She told us that she will kill animals for us so that all of us can eat it. And so all of us agreed except Tracy. He said I cannot live with this bitch. She doesn't care about us. Sacky joined him too as they were best friends. 

It was evening as Emma came running and called us. She told us that Liam died. We all were sad. Tracy and Sacky went to dug the hole where we buried Nao. Ammelia helped us to carry Liam's body. Emma's face showed anger. After we buried him. All of us ate the leftover flesh. Now Miz moved within Elyssa's tent and Ammelia got Miz's and Liam's tent.

 After all of us went within their respective tent, I noticed that Emma took Ammelia within the forest. I followed her. I hid myself behind a tree as it was dark. Emma said to Ammelia when I went to check Liam, he had scars of fingers over his neck. Tell me, you were the one who killed him? She said I don't know what you are talking about. Emma got frustrated as she spoke. Emma said Don't mess with me?I know you were the one who did it. Ammelia said that So what if I killed him. He was unconscious and I needed a place to sleep so I killed him. I heard that you are the one who took care of them. Just because you saved them, don't think too much of yourself. She moved within her tent. I went near Emma as she said You should not roam within the forest at night, Mary. I held her hand and went within our tent.


Early morning, Elyssa made a loud noise. We all came out of our respective tent and what we saw was Miz's body hanging through a rope, one end tied over her neck and another end through a branch of a tree. Her whole body was as cold as ice hanging like a zombie. Elyssa told us that as she woke up she did not saw Miz at her place and so she ran outside to find her and saw this. All of us were upset but no one among us shed tears. Probably because we were getting used to it. We took her body and buried her at the same place where we buried others. Miz's death broke all of our hope. It reminded us that no one is likely coming over to help us.

In morning I noticed that Sacky came out of Ammelia's tent. Tracy, Sacky, Emma and I went to burry her while Ammelia was with the girls giving them fake hope of safety.

After we buried Miz, we were returning back to where everyone was. Emma and I were in front while Tracy and Sacky were behind us. All of a sudden, I heard a loud scream. Emma and I turned back. I saw that red blood drops over the ground flowing through Tracy's waist and a knife held by Sacky covered with blood. I could see Sacky's hand trembling. Emma and I, both of us were too afraid to move. Sacky ran towards Emma and gave him the knife and ran screaming Emma killed Tracy, Emma killed Tracy. Emma dropped the knife and ran towards Tracy in the hope of helping him. I ran with her too. Till the time others came, Tracy was dead. Both of our body were covered with blood. Tracy came with all others and was continuously screaming that Emma killed my best friend with fake tears in his eyes. Ammelia made an eye contact with me asking me to come over. I held Emma's hand tightly. Then, Ammelia said that Yes Emma is the one who killed Tracy. She told everyone that Yesterday midnight, she invited Tracy on her bed. She even tried to seduce him but he rejected. Maybe because of the humiliation she felt, she killed him. I wanted to oppose her, or actually punch that bitch on face but Emma's eyes said NO.


  We both stood silently, held Tracy in hand and buried him. Nobody tried to stop us, maybe because of the knife Emma held within her hands. Then we returned, towards everyone. I asked Emma not to go over there. But she told me not to worry. We went over there and as soon as we entered Ammelia screamed over us to take our belongings but the girls opposed. Elyssa said that We can't let them go, because of Emma's knowledge in medical. Also she is the only one who can look over Elina and Ammy in their condition. 


 The real reason for our stay was not because of Emma's knowledge. But the girls were afraid that Ammelia might again leave them and then without Emma, they won't know what to do. We went within our tent.  

During evening, we came out of the tent. We saw that Sacky was cooking the flesh brought by Ammelia of bear as she told us. Emma said that She needs to pee and went within the forest. As soon as she returned, she went within the tent saying that her stomach is aching. The food was prepared and distributed. Without Emma, I too did not felt like eating and so I too left within the tent. 


Next morning, as usual we went to check on Elina and Ammy. We changed their clothes. While changing, I came to know that their was a scar over Ammy's back. I showed it to Emma. Emma recalled it as fungal infection. She went and brought some herbs, made a paste and put it over her back. Then we returned within the tent. Neither Emma ate food nor I. The day passed. At midnight, Emma woke up and started packing. She said that We can't live here anymore. I asked why? She said that we can't live with ghouls. I said to her that I am not getting what you mean? She said that come with me.

Both of us packed our belongings. As we came out of the tent, we saw that Ammelia and Sacky were going inside the forest. Emma said that I will show you. It was dark at night. We followed them. We hid ourselves behind the bushes. Emma whispered in my ears that try not to scream Mary.The dim light passed through the forest from within the trees. I saw Ammelia's and Sacky's clothes on the ground. Sacky pushed Ammelia's body over the trees. Sacky attaching his front with Ammelia's back and moving himself front and back like a wild wolf. I said to Emma Did they had this type of relationship? Emma said me to look at right side. I saw blood but the sight was blur. I focused on my eyes and screamed. I saw the flesh, the flesh of human or should I say Tracy. Ammelia heard it or should I say everyone heard it. I got scared. Emma held my hand as we ran. I was too afraid to see the surroundings, all I could see were Emma's hands. All the students began to search for us. Or should I say to kill us. I don't know the reason but the way they were searching holding knife did not seemed so.

 All of a sudden, Emma stopped. She began digging out of nowhere. She brought out a bag and gave it to me. She said to me Their is some food within the bag that I saved during the accident. Take it and run. Their also is a note giving you some instructions to survive. Take it and run Mary. I started crying and said I can't, l can't leave and live without you. Other students saw us and came running towards us. Emma screamed that run Mary, l will stop them. Please run. She hugged me tightly and then pushed me. I held the bag and ran. I was too afraid to look back. All I could hear was Emma's scream. I ran and ran and ran......


I was walking and walking. My whole body was torn up. The tears were running through my eyes. I was tired. I wanted to fall over ground and die. But I can't. Not after she gave her life to me. I was walking. Not felt like eating or sleeping.  


I was walking. The footprints of blood were all over the ground. I wanted to die. Please let me die. I was remembering Mom, Dad, my younger brother and Emma. I was on the verge of dying as I saw a small ray of light in the darkness. A sound of car hit my ears. I ran and ran with no idea of directions. I just ran and ran and ran like a mad animal.

  Suddenly I stopped. Drop of tears were flowing through my eyes. I fall down on my knees and started crying. They were the tears of happiness. Then, I heard a voice asking Little one, What are you doing here? I wanted to look over but my head felt light and I collapsed.


I woke up. It was a long and a beautiful dream. My dress were changed and the view too. I recognised it as a hospital room. My mom entered the room with a cup and saw me awake. The cup fell down from her hands as she ran towards me and hugged me tightly. My Dad came to with Eric (my younger brother). Eric jumped over me and held me tightly with his tiny chubby hands. He was continuously speaking Please don't go away sis. I held him too.

 The police came and asked me about the incident. I told them everything. They started investigation and so they found that.......

10 years later.....

I am visiting Emma's grave. It's the day of the incident. The police told us that when they investigated the area, they found out Emma's clothes over the ground and her body was hanged over a tree , 7 knives were stabbed all over the body. The other students were death too because of some poisonous herbs within the flesh. Ammy and Elina were dead too because of the fungal infection. Ammelia was dead too because of infection in her uterus. 

  The next two years of school were hell for me as everyone thought that I was the one who poisoned others and ran with the food. Everyone treated me like a murderer except my parents.

      I felt like killing myself. But everytime these thoughts ran through my head, you were there to encourage me to help. The world feels lonely without you. I really wish, I could live with you as my best buddy. I miss you and love you. You are the reason I am here, so please take care.....

                                                   Mary Jane.

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