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Your Eyes Can Never Lie

Your Eyes Can Never Lie

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As soon as they are opened,

A surprised look on its face.

Maybe, the fear of first time to glare

At this beauty & wonders of the nature.

They are the most beautiful creation in every living being;

Through which the inner feelings are expressed.

Varied colors of Iris like blue, black, brown, grey indicates special significance of that person,

But different looks be it a romantic or a cunning or a mysterious one depict the temper of a person.

They are always bright, shiny & lucid in any circumstance;

The eyes symbolise many emotions/qualities:






Of all the things,

The most admirable feature is

The sense of HONESTY

That they carry with them.

The TRUTH can not be hidden in your eyes...

For they can never lie to anyone from their pure heart!

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