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Janani Devulapally



Janani Devulapally


The Refreshing Vibes Of Rain

The Refreshing Vibes Of Rain

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And then all of a sudden, there blows a cool breeze,

The first thing I could sense was the smell of mud

Then there is a shivering inside my body.

To my surprise, it was raining...that evening,

The perfect view from a balcony or a window is the most admirable one in nature.

As I gazed in awe at the dancing peacock,

It seemed to be carrying my dancing soul in its feathers.

When it reveals it's beauty behind the huge trees and thick grass,

Greenery beautifully grown alongside the walking area of the park near my home.

Holding a cup of coffee to feel better

For those unknown gloomy days.

I stare at the site that caught my eye

Thinking to go towards the peacock,

But the fear that it might disappear

Stepped me back do no more just glare.

So adorable it was making me wonder

How the water cycle works on,

Enjoying each sip of coffee,

Went up to the terrace to become wet,

There are two phases where I completely became wet in the rain, no wonder in it

As I did so out of my deliberation and desperation for the one who is very special to my heart,

When each droplet touches my face & I just feel it's complete bliss,

My body dances with swing,

My soul cries out with joy, 

My heart plays the music,

The entire surroundings begin to vibrate in that cool atmosphere I hold myself tight,

There are a lot of sensations rolling inside like that of strings dangling...

It is beyond a good feeling or more than a joyous moment that comes to celebrate this pure love called RAIN

The feeling of tenderness within makes you happy for no reason but for the true love of the rain,

Every time it rains, I experience those new vibes where everything appears to be in a changed version

And these fresh thoughts enter into my mind which is just like a refreshing process.

I enjoy the essence of the Rain in its cooler form, stronger one that reminds me: I am a true nature lover.

It keeps me growing from within

As similar to that of developing stages

In the plants and trees which need it more than I do

But the truth is I could feel it more than they do...

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