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Pain In Vain

Pain In Vain

1 min 140 1 min 140

All of a sudden, it attacks;

Obviously, unpredictable that severely

Makes me uncomfortable

When I take a head bath,

I can see a hell of a night.


I just feel my head

Is tilting tighter like

Someone is opening a tap


The water rushing in force,

Where my brain starts to pulsate

At a high speed,

Triggers always ready to attack

I am the one afraid to step back;

The sounds of vehicles on the road, tick-tick clock, the ceiling fan & the droplets in the sink, might be the leakage problem;

Sensing everything around,

Then the remaining:

The focusing lights, odd smells, delicious sweets, mouth watering-desserts that are to be restricted;

The one thing called stress out of excess work.

If by chance, I bend my head for something,

There the real game begins;

This seems someone is monitoring my mind,

Taking over my thoughts.

Though it is not an overall possession,

One side of the head is its a limited zone

For punishing;

Beating my head with a hammer or fixing nails.

It is easier for exaggeration but the truth

Is unnoticed all the time.

The worst phase of experience is "migraine".

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