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Silence Has a Voice Too...

Silence Has a Voice Too...

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The most pleasant word,

I have ever known is "SILENCE"

Being quiet or simply make no sound.

It is easy to talk but

Tough to shut the mouth.

Based on these criteria,

People’s nature is judged as talkative or silent.

Being silent is not lacking witty skills;

Unlike other people,

They meet their conscience & speak within.

Getting conscious of what your inner-power says,

Effectively focusing better on the work in silence.

It is not that we must not talk at all,

But sometimes we need not talk unnecessarily.

In different complexities of your life,

Figure out a solution for a better consequence.

You can always refer to the advice

Of your perceptive imagination in silence.

For a few minutes,

Try to maintain the silence;

You will stay at peace

By controlling your emotions

And letting your thoughts calm down.

Then with practice,

All you have to do is welcome a Guest called Silence to your life

And personify the power of silence!

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