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Snehi Singh

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Snehi Singh

Inspirational Others Children

Words Have Life!

Words Have Life!

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Once an Emperor asked his Minister in his orotund voice,

"Who has the thunder to cause colossal blunder?

The power to triumph the world!

The weapon that pierces one's heart and mind,

But in no way can one manage to rewind,

So protean that it's often used to soothe and heal,

Cleverly used by wise men to negotiate or to make an appeal,

Like wind it blows and hits your thought,

Some make you elated but some may not!"

The wise minister didn't take another second,

For he had known the concoction his majesty had tried to blend,

"Your Majesty, not most of us are devoid of it,

And poets and authors use it in a way that's explicit,

It has been used for ages I can tell!

To create vehement history and to write it as well,

To provoke patriotism in the hearts of young,

It is even beautiful when melodiously sung,

It resides in tomes, books, and in our very own tongues,

For the respiring language, it serves as lungs!

Some of them are sesquipedalian and some are very short,

Yet each has its own unique meaning, believe it or not!

We weave its beads to moan in sadness,

We also use its tiara to festoon our expression in happiness,

It can be chicanery to fathom each of them,

Some are used to teach, some to appreciate and some just to blame!

The liaison among so many relations & so many different brains,

Running swiftly to transport messages just like a busy train,

Billions and trillions of them invade one's life,

But only few that beget from deep heart revive!

O great majesty, in the sky of communication they are the lively birds,

Yes! they are WORDS! Words that live, words that grow,

Words aren't mere words, they have their own story to show,

They motivate, they ruin, at times they also conspire,

They are never pale and boring,

For they are always living and restoring!

Use your words to spread the best,

To conquer hearts and to share the fest,

Humans are gifted with words to share,

Words that guide, words that care,

I believe and no one can deny that Words are your tongue's dear wife,

Yes Words have life!" WORDS HAVE LIFE!

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