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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


The Psychic , The Remote Sensing Mind - Encoded And Decoded

The Psychic , The Remote Sensing Mind - Encoded And Decoded

3 mins

The psychic is just the light bulb

Which lights up on the electrical energy of your own mind

The psychic is the medium and not the means

Your mind is the means, for the psychic light bulb to light up

Just as the means of the electrical energy is, fuel

And that fuel is, coal, sun, water, wind, atom

The five big elements of electrical energy on Mother Earth

The fuel of your mind is

Your knowledge, your wisdom, your soul, your heart, your life

You know and understand from your knowledge

You decide from your wisdom

You think from the goodness of your soul

You love and hate from your heart

You experience from your life

They are the five fuels and elements of you

And your five elements give electricity,

To the psychic, the remote sensing mind, tantric

To light up his light bulb, to tell you, only about you

The psychic, the remote sensing mind, is just a fused bulb

Without your five elements of fuel and energy

You are the power source

And not the psychic or the remote sensing mind

Understand the power and radiance of your mind

Understand your own well being, your own soul, your own heart

Be inspired and inspire, by the goodness of the soul

Your soul is life

You do not have to be wrapped around the tiny nail, of the little finger

Of the psychic, tantric, astrologer

The psychic, the remote sensing mind

Is not an inspiration and nor can they inspire

They can only perspire and make you perspire

Do not be amazed by the psychic, tantric, astrologer

Be amazed by the power of your own mind

Your own soul, your own knowledge, your own wisdom, your own life

The psychic, tantric, astrologer,

Read-only your life, your knowledge, your wisdom and your soul to you

They tell nothing of themselves, as they have nothing to tell

They tell you, your life and your wisdom only

And in the words that are in your mind only

Believe in yourself, trust in your soul

Because that is you

You are the means of your life

The psychic, the remote sensing mind, tantric, astrologer

Is just the reader of your own book of life

But you are the author, of your own book of life,

Your own wisdom, your own knowledge, your own heart and soul and goodness

You are you

The psychic, the remote sensing mind, is just someone

Who just points fingers at you, peeping into your own mind

You are fuel, you are energy, you are the power of your life

You are the bearer of your own soul

And not the psychic, tantric, astrologer

They are just a medium, you are the means

Live your own life, in your own words

And inspire others if you can

The players, should not allow being abused by the commentators, riff-raff, amateurs

The players are a proud lot

They are the Angels and the Davids and the Dynamos of the game

And the Bad Boys of the game too 

They have the skills and abilities

That only a few have, on the game field

The players only play the game

The others are just commentators and spectators

The players have and leave the influence on the game

The commentators just comment on the game, from the sidelines

It is not their game, they do not play the game

The players do not have to listen to any and every dictate of the commentators

The players have the skills, they are the fuel, they are energy

They are the source of the game

The players are the boss on the game field

And not the commentators, riff-raff, amateurs, and spectators

The game is of the players

And you are the players

The spectators are there to enjoy the game

And to be inspired by the skills of the players on the game field

Your mind is the register and the computer of your skills

And not any piece of paper or any item of computer hardware

Do not chase the register and computer,

Know and understand the mind, if you can

The mind is unique, the mind is boss, the mind is a guru

The champion is the one, with the best mind and body coordination

Jai hind, Shivay, Mahadev

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