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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others

Intriguing Languages And Its Manifestations!

Intriguing Languages And Its Manifestations!

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Language and signals 

The humans greatest arsenals

For mankind to express their vibes and emotions

Centuries long a tendency being crafted by humans endeavors

It too evolved and followed a process of evolution

Unfolded with their mysterious incapacity to translate their mystical revelation

Humans are forced to resort to spectra and its prevalence eclipsing the human ecosystem 

How poor humans can anticipate they are paving their own ruin and indulging only mayhem!

In the present age, languages have evolved a lot

In the passage of time, it has reached its acerbic intensity and appears as a blot

which only bears the testimony of entering to age to rot

It too evolved and flowed in a process of evolution

Unfolding gradually in the passage of time to translate and expression

 Few eccentrics designed geometrical episode, paving for the way of majority's extinction

Language gradually becomes a weapon to strike the majority

The majority who are incapable of a minority's dictum is sadly unable to read their obituary!

Human civilization progressed and proceeded in exuberance

Where rationality expressed in the manifold and subdued as a tool to many with abhorrence

But we humans are only eclipsed with enigmatic expressions

I wonder why we fail to comprehend other creatures of nature and their expressions

How they are crying and dying

Owing to human's tyranny and unrestrained orgy to garner opulence at any cost to only malign 

And obliterating other creatures sign and signature in nature's floor with their inherent design 

We, humans, are alone welcoming our own jeopardy

To the ecosystem where we alone thrive with harmony

We are scripting our own signals with the sensational dictum

To produce waves for many to inundate at random

Losing their capacity to judge 

The majority are being submerged with sheer fudge

Thus humans are changing their languages in accordance with their available circumstances

Which may fit only a few to usher to reach the apex!

But I wonder how long

The majority being duped by a minority with their tune to forlorn

How many will find bliss

To the ruse of few such morons pernicious tricks

The new language will surely emerge

Where myriad will find utterances and express their joviality in the chorus

Birds, bees, and other creatures of nature

Will be allowed to thrive with grand rapture

To maintain a sensible ecosystem

Where human posterity could thrive and explore with sheer exuberance!

Languages are being scripted in the sky

Who cannot read, those poor creatures will surely embrace death and sigh

As they have no right to exist in any pretext to vie

Because of them, the only majority are subjected to sheer atrocity and cry

Their heist on nature's floor

Only beckon jeopardy to overall mankind in galore

They only focused brazenly on mere profit and lust

Hardly they could envisage they are merely digging their own ditch with haste

 In nature's crust to respond for craving their mundane opulence at the behest

They unfortunately unable to decipher

Anew language is in the process to evolve to ensure the majority's growth with vibrant clamor!

Nature is vindictive by all means 

For few who try to deceive and claim their superiority with their ludicrous whims

Who hardly bother how solar system exist and evolve

Where alone Venus revolves in opposite direction unlike other planets to conjure

The planet we dwell on draws our attention at a glance

Hardly new majority could comprehend its manifestation by our vision 

Though we all have eyes unfortunately we fail to evaluate its stance

We sadly being confined in our dwelling planet

Not exactly able to fathom the cosmic equation and its mystic facet

 Which too influence our souls to construe our expressions with our pride in vibrant tenet!

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