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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

With You I’m Complete

With You I’m Complete

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Despair was the cry deep inside;

For the great first love fadeth

Having flown away like a summer night.

Despair was to ever have it again.

Many had passed by, then;

But none, not even one, surpasses

That great faded love of old.

Many are yet to come, though;

They are, but no better than a chimera.

Thou, nevertheless, art special;

To me, indeed, a balsam art thou.

Having surpassed the great love of old,

Thou hast made it ever afresh and new;

Like a tinker of a broken heart 

Hast thou tinkered my heart.

In thee, I am feeling complete.

Art thou that flower of the Spring

That taketh away the winter’s grieves?

Oh, take it away far from my remembrance!

The broken spirit of the faded love of old,

Once left as a pious hope,

Once considered to be a pipe-dream,

Once believed to be a chimera,

Been sunk down so deep and width

Having robbed away every joy,

Even the hope(joy) of loving yet again,

Has been reviving with greater joy

Since the very day we first met.

I’ve, now, seen the light at the end of the tunnel;

The light of love, bright and dazzling, rekindling.

In wonderland I now am living:

For together with thee I am complete.

Come, therefore, dearly beloved, to thy beloved.

Together will we perfect our imperfections;

Together will we reflect God’s immense glory;

Together we will tune this love till the last note

Hand in hand through smooth and rough weather.

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