Nishtha Ganesh

Abstract Tragedy


Nishtha Ganesh

Abstract Tragedy



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Why? I need an answer

From those who put our lives in danger

From the women with a narrow mind,

Who think wearing short dresses wasn't just fine.

I need an answer from those

Who tweet and just sit at home

Letting those dogs freely roam.

It all depends on YOUR mood

Whether to see us in a burqah,

Or maybe completely nude.

I just don't understand why

Do you want to RAPE

"mom, dad take me to the hospital

Before it's too late!"

I am an 80 year old woman,

I am a 4 year old girl,

I am a woman who cried

Raped in a place of worship, a bus

And God knows why.

I had a lot of frustration and anger to express.

But after that, you took me to a situation

Where I was extremely depressed.

Why? Can you answer me?

Maybe not.

Because escaping was your only key!

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