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Om Dhake

Drama Tragedy


Om Dhake

Drama Tragedy

Why So Much bloodshed?

Why So Much bloodshed?

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Alas! Outnumbered are the dead bodies 

Of innocent victims and brave soldiers, I hold beneath.

Don't try to reason, for I know 

You have a heap of unworthy reasons to start with...

For all this bloodshed, human nature is guilty,

No satisfaction at all, always wanting more....

Fighting for mere pieces of lands and power,

Never satisfied with what one had before.

Disturbance and chaos calms your heart;

No matter, how many families it breaks apart...

Misuse of power, for which you always crave,

ill-treating your own kind, under the name of a slave.

The point is - You never leave in peace,

Nor let others live in peace...

Pawns, were the brave, of an evil 'war' game,

The rulers and colonials, are total to be blamed

Leave your ego now, and spare people

From the inhuman bloodshed, you indulge in.

Stop this unnecessary show off of arms, 

And go for the treaty, that's certainly a good win ....

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