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Om Dhake

Tragedy Others


Om Dhake

Tragedy Others

Her Eyes - A Mirror To Reality

Her Eyes - A Mirror To Reality

1 min 208 1 min 208

Simply roaming was my motive, 

But, it led to another perspective.

Two eyes turned in my direction 

And I saw flashes of reality, as she blinked. 

Her hopelessness, when lush fields turned

Into an extravagance of plastic and scraps 

The hunger that increased her uneasiness, 

Plastic bags becoming a part of ill-fate...

Her eyes reflected a story 

For which, a stern person will also feel sorry...

In the morning, her owner remembers her, 

And, forgets her the moment, 

He gets the milk

After that, left for her own sake

To feed on what is never edible 

She bears all the stones thrown at her

Her mourns and pleas are totally inaudible...

She never had the happiness a mother desires

For her owner, her calf seemed a bother.

And so, he sold her child in pursuit of greed,

No value for someone who's not in need...

I don't deny, that humans are good 

Maybe in all cows, I am not the lucky one!

Said her eyes silently, when annoyance 

And disrespect for her, in some eyes deepened...

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