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His Last Letter

His Last Letter

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A tear kept running down her cheek

As she read the words he composed

His father sat at the table

With a bump in his throat

The letter was recoloured

With blood blended with sand.

It was a letter

From their child in a far away land

The letter stated, Mom the agony I can't stand

From the shrapnel that tore through this young fellow

I feel the agony so gravely

It influences me to shout and cry

I know I won't see you

I realise that I will pass on.

So I simply needed to state

Before God calls me home

Try not to stress over me any longer

No, I am not the only one

I realize that there will be days

That you both sit and cry

I know there will be days

That you ask why.

The reason is Mom

This is the thing that I joined to do

With the goal that our nation can remain free and genuine

Indeed, I will go now

Things are beginning to blur

No, I am not the only one, Mom, nor am I perplexed

Yet, before God calls me home there is something

I should state.

I thought of all of you every single day

The doctor, he is endeavouring to keep me alive and facilitate my torment

Be that as it may, I should go now

The time has come, God, he says as much

I cherish all of you and miss you

This is the last letter

The last one I have composed.

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