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When The Tides Turn...

When The Tides Turn...

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When the Tides turn...

When the day merges into the night,

When it is time to bid goodbye,

When loneliness creeps up like weed,

When what was now, becomes sometimes in past,

The tides shall turn,

And time which marches by,

Shall do my bidding.

No more graves of memories,

No more tears of remembrance,

No more my shadow hiding in the darkness,

No more fear of what lies ahead,

For time shall not play with me anymore,

It shall stand and watch me,

Merge the mists of the past,

With the light of the now,

To forge a future, a path so lit,

That all who wander, shall find a way,

When the tides will turn,

And we shall emerge the messiah,

Of our destiny.

All houses shall be homes,

Filled with warmth of comfort and love,

All nightmares or premonitions,

Shall mellow into sweet dreams,

To relive and played in rapture,

The ones we lost, whom we loved,

Shall arise and walk beside us,

We shall be one again,

In peace with ourselves,

Till breath turns to air,

And forever the longing and the journey,

Shall walk towards the sunrise and the sunset,

For the tides will turn

And time shall wait,

For it has been a long journey,

To the mountains and sea beyond.

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