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naisha shah



naisha shah




2 mins

I’ve written and re-written this poem at least a dozen times.

It’s difficult to put in words, a love this great.

It’s been awhile since you left.

6 months to be precise..

I promised I’d visit every month.

But like every other promise, you knew I’d break this too. Didn’t you?

This love we had, wasn’t always love.

The first time we met, I was nursing a fresh heart break..

I wouldn’t look twice at you.

But you kept showing up with everything I loved.

And every time I broke down, you embraced me a little tighter.

In those moments, I knew I was setting myself up for another heartbreak..

It took every trick in your book, but it happened.

I fell in love with the chaos, the flaws and every tantrum you gave me.

I was ready to be the beast to your beauty.

But then you went ahead and left..

Or was it me who walked away?

So when I came back today, I was prepared for the awkwardness and breaks in my voice.

I treaded carefully on familiar grounds that couldn’t betray me.

What I didn’t expect was to remember every small thing and the numerous roads that led to us..

You’re the kind of lover that brings out the best in me,

While showering me with a million other things to fall in love with.

You have given me a love I keep safely tucked away in another city.

We were a dream that I never knew I had..

But it manifested and unfolded

In a way that I can’t love the same again.

I promise to visit soon.

Happy Valentine!, Pune..

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