Unchain Me At ‘Dusk’

Unchain Me At ‘Dusk’

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Unchain me at ‘dusk’; allow me to soar,

Stretch out my wings like I have never done before...

Unchain me at ‘dusk’ ,

Allow me to gaze into your eyes

Let me relieve the pain in them for the many times you’ve cried

Allow me to hold your hand, and never let go

Conveying the emotions that within me overflow

Unchain me at ‘dusk’, once I soar to the ground

While I explore what is yet not found...Unchain me at ‘dusk’ ,

Let me be your first; your only

Allow me to accompany you so that you never lone

Let me kiss your lips,

Let it flow to your heart

I want to reassure that we will never part

Unchain me at ‘dusk’, and let me fly away

The sky unending not my limit;

Let it say what it needs to say

Speak out your heart,

Your velvet voice sets me free

Don’t shy to lay your eyes upon me

Don’t bother the time, for it ceases to exist

I know this feeling is too real to resist

No feeling is better than being free

Capturing the skies is how I’d like to be

Unchain me at ‘dusk’ .... By letting me know you’ll always be with me

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