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Transparent Butterfly

Transparent Butterfly

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I like butterfly whose color is blue,

It wakes up very late, never sees the morning dew.

I met butterfly whose color is green,

It nibbles on leaves and leaves them pretty clean.

I saw butterfly whose color is scarlet red,

It kisses only red rose from rose bed.

I know butterfly whose color is yellow,

When he sees a rainbow , says to all colors hello hello.

I remember butterfly whose color is orange,

But it sat on purple flower, so may be now its color changed.

Here is butterfly whose color is black,

Once it sat on a crow totally camouflaged.

There flew a butterfly whose color is pink,

With blue lines on it like written with ink.

Lovely as it was a butterfly lavender,

I couldn’t quite follow, it would just meander.

Tiny, tiny! I was lucky to see a butterfly violet,

So much tiny it was, I called it butterflylet.

I wonder would there be a butterfly transparent,

But how would I find it, If it is not apparent.

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